What does it mean to be a co-investigator?

A co-investigator works with researchers as an equal partner on all stages of research (design, conduct, and reporting of findings). A co-investigator might help decide which outcomes are important to the study, develop the aims and methods for the study, determine how to share findings, and write abstracts, publications, and grant proposals.

Why is it important?

The perspectives, guidance, and cooperation of patients at all stages of research is needed to ensure research is truly patient-centered and that it is done in a way that respects, and matters to, our patients and community.

What kind of opportunities are available for co-investigators?

  • Developing a training program for patients to become partners in research and learning throughout the Geisinger
  • Disseminating an interactive, patient-centered report for genomic test result information through the electronic medical record.
  • Developing and evaluating a program to provide genetic health risk information to healthy children and their parents.

Currently Seeking Co-Investigators:

  • Heart disease in children with obesity
  • GenomeFirst approach to diagnosis
  • Management of arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy

Please note: prior to becoming a co-investigator on a research project, you will need to obtain child abuse, background, and fingerprinting clearances; get drug and tobacco screenings; complete a financial conflicts of interest check; and complete responsible conduct of research training.


Want to know more?

To express general interest in being  a co-investigator, contact Alanna Rahm.

Phone: 570-214-5093

Co-Investigator Current Openings

Want to know more about the current opportunities listed above? Contact Alice Schuster using the button below.

PaTH Network

Geisinger is part of the PaTH Network, which often seeks co-investigators.