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Geisinger encourages and supports a broad range of research topics throughout our clinical enterprise as well as in our research centers and institutes.

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Andrick, Benjamin, PharmD 

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Bailey-Davis, Lisa, DEd, RD

Balsamo, Anthony J, MD

Bellino, Paul, MD

Benotti, Peter N, MD

Blankenship, James, MD

Blansfield, Joseph, MD, FACS

Breitwieser, Gerda E, PhD

Bolesta, Scott, PharmD

Boscarino, Joseph A., PhD, MPH

Bowen, Thomas R., MD FAAOS

Buchanan, Adam H, MS, MPH, CGC

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Carey, David J, PhD

Casale, Alfred S, MD

Challman, Thomas D, MD

Chang, Alexander, MD, MS

Cochran, William J, MD

Cush, Gerard J, MD

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Davis, F Daniel, PhD

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Elmore, James R, MD

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Fanelli, Gregory C, MD, FAAOS

Faucett, William Andrew (Andy), MS, LGC

Feltham, Glen T., MD FAAOS

Fernandez, Meagan M., DO

Finucane, Brenda, MS, LGC

Fornwalt, Brandon K., MD, PhD

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Garg, Tullika, MD, MPH

Gionfriddo, Michael R., PharmD, PhD

Gogoi, Radhika, MD, PhD

Graham, Jove, PhD

Grassi, Dante M., PharmD, BCPS

Green, Jamie A, MD, MS

Green, Sandy M , MD

Gross, Adam R., PharmD, CCRP

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Haak, Michael H., MD

Haggerty, Christopher M., PhD

Hao, Jing, MD, PhD, MS, MPH

Harter, G. Dean, MD

Hess, William F, MD, FAAOS

Hirsch, Annemarie G, PhD, MPH

Ho, Kevin, MD

Horwitz, Daniel S., MD

Hu, Iris, PhD

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Jones, Laney K., PharmD, MPH

Justice, Anne, MA, PhD

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Kim, Dokyoon, PhD

Kirchner, H. Lester, PhD

Klena, Joel C., MD, FAAOS

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Larson, Sharon L, PhD

Ledbetter, David H, PhD, FACMG

Lee, Ming Ta Michael, PhD

Lent, Michelle R, PhD

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Mackeen, A. Dhanya, MD, MPH

Maeng, Daniel D, PhD

Maiers, Tristan, PharmD

Manickam, Kandamurugu, MD, MPH

Martin, Christa Lese, PhD, FACMG

Mehra, Vishal, MD, PhD

Metpally, Raghu, PhD

Meyer, Michelle N, PhD, JD

Michael, Andrew, PhD

Miller, Michal, MD

Mirshahi, Tooraj, PhD

Moon, Anne, MD, PhD

Moreno De Luca, Andres, MD

Murphy, James E., MD

Murray, Michael F, MD

Myers, Scott M, MD, FAAP

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Newman, Eric D., MD

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O'Dell, Sean M, PhD 

Ofoma, Uchenna, MD, MS

Overby, Casey L, PhD

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Pendergrass, Sarah, PhD, MS

Peters, John M, DO

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Rahm, Alanna K, PhD, MS, LGC

Ramdas, Jagadeesh, MD

Riggs, Erin R, MS, CGC

Ritchie, Marylyn D., PhD

Ross, David S., MD

Ryer, Evan J., MD

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Schwartz, Brian S., MD, MS

Seeley, Mark, MD 

Singh, Deepak, MD

Snyder, Susan R, PhD, MBA

Spegman, Adele, PhD, RN

Stamm, Jason A., MD

Steinhubl, Steve R., MD

Still, Christopher D., DO

Sturm, Amy, MS

Suk, Michael, MD, JD, MPH, FACS

Sundaresan, Agnes, MD

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Taylor, Cora M, PhD 

Troiani, Vanessa, PhD

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Vogel, Victor G., MD

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Wagner, Jennifer K., JD, PhD

Wain, Karen, MS, LGC

Widmaier, James C., MD

Williams, Brent A., PhD

Williams, Heinric, MD

Williams, Janet L., MS, LGC

Williams, Marc S., MD

Wolk, Donna M., MHA, PhD, D(ABMM)

Wright, Eric A., Pharm.D.

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Yan, Xiaowei (Sherry), PhD

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