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Scott Bolesta

Visiting Assistant Professor
Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice, Wilkes University


Center for Pharmacy Innovation and Outcomes
Geisinger Precision Health Center, 190 Welles St.
Forty Fort, PA 18704 
Phone: 570-714-6643
Fax: 570-714-6601

Scott Bolesta, Pharm.D., BCPS, FCCM

Research Interests

Dr. Bolesta is a Visiting Investigator within the Center for Pharmacy Innovation and Outcomes (CPIO) and a tenured Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice in the Nesbitt College of Pharmacy at Wilkes University. Dr. Bolesta has over 15 year of clinical practice and research experience in the acute care setting, mostly in the areas of critical care and internal medicine. Recently, he transitioned his clinical practice to pharmacogenetics and works within a pharmacist-managed pharmacogenetic clinic. He has spent the last several years focusing his research efforts on prevention of complications following cardiac surgery, specifically postoperative atrial fibrillation and acute kidney injury. Dr. Bolesta also has an interest in prevention of cardiovascular disease, specifically primary and secondary prevention of acute coronary syndromes. With his clinical practice being devoted to pharmacogenetics, Dr. Bolesta is also involved in pharmacogenetic research within the CPIO and Geisinger. He leverages the pharmacogenetic and genomic resources created through Geisinger’s Research Strategic Plan of Personalized Healthcare Research to conduct pharmacogenetic/pharmacogenomic implementation and outcomes research.

Recent Publications

  • Hammond DA, Oyler DR, Devlin JW, Painter JT, Bolesta S, Swanson JM, Bailey BJ, Branan T, Barletta JF, Dunn B, Haney JS, Juang P, Kane-Gill SL, Kiser T, Shafeeq H, Skaar D, Smithburger P, Taylor J. Perceived Motivating Factors and Barriers for the Completion of Postgraduate Training Among American Pharmacy Students Prior to Beginning Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences. Am J Pharm Educ. 2017 June;81(5):Article 90. Full Text 
  • Rivosecchi RM, Kellum JA, Dasta JF, Armahizer MJ, Bolesta S, Buckley MS, Dzierba AL, Frazee EN, Johnson HJ, Kim C, Murugan R, Smithburger PL, Wong A, Kane Gill SL. (2016, July). Drug class combination- associated acute kidney injury: a review of the literature. Annals of Pharmacotherapy , 50(11):953-972. Full Text    
  • Bolesta S, Kong F. (2015, Nov). Effect of Statins on the Incidence of Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation after Cardiac Valve Surgery. Pharmacotherapy , 35(11), 998-1006. Full Text 
  • Bolesta S, Chmil JV. (2014, June). Interprofessional education among student health professionals using human patient simulation. Am J Pharm Educ , 78(5), 94. Full Text 
  • Bolesta S, Trombetta DP, Longyhore DS. (2011, March). Pharmacist instruction of physical assessment for pharmacy students. Am J Pharm Educ , 75(2), 29. Full Text 
  • Boruah PK, Bolesta S, Shetty SM. (2011, Sept). Possible lenalidomide-induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome during treatment for multiple myeloma. Pharmacotherapy, , 31(9), 925. Full Text


Doctor of Pharmacy, Nesbitt School of Pharmacy, Wilkes University, 2000
Pharmacy Practice Residency, University of Arizona Medical Center, 2001
Critical Care Pharmacy Residency, University of Kentucky Medical Center, 2002


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