Associate Professor
Director, Health Economics Research and Evaluation Core

Dept of Epidemiology and Health Services Research
Geisinger Precision Health Center, 190 Welles St.
Forty Fort, PA 18704
Phone: 570-714-6632
Fax: 570-714-6611

Research Interests

Dr. Snyder’s research interests are focused on improving the value of healthcare and health-related spending by measuring effectiveness and cost-related outcomes. Identifying and implementing cost-effective interventions improve health outcomes through efficient use of resources, including reducing unnecessary, inappropriate and excessively costly care. Scientifically sound research that transparently evaluates prevention, healthcare services, technology, quality improvement efforts, organizational processes, and financing strategies is needed to inform decision making. Geisinger offers a unique integrated health system environment for conducting research using multi-disciplinary teams, state-of-the-art information technology and data, opportunities to coordinate healthcare and reimbursement, and a highly innovative culture focused on providing the best patient care. Dr. Snyder's research focus areas include population health and personalized/precision medicine and risk stratification applications in genomics, disease prevention and cancer.

Recent Publications

  • Maeng DD, Snyder SR, Baumgart C, Minnich AL, Tomcavage JF, Graf TR. (2016). Medicaid Managed Care in an Integrated Health Care Delivery System: Lessons from Geisinger's Early Experience. Population Health Management , 19(4):257-263. Full Text
  • Buehler SS, Madison B, Snyder SR, et al. . (2016, Jan). Effectiveness of Practices To Increase Timeliness of Providing Targeted Therapy for Inpatients with Bloodstream Infections: a Laboratory Medicine Best Practices Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Clin Microbiol Rev , 29(1):59-103. Full Text
  • Snyder SR, Mitropoulou C, Patrinos GP, Williams MS. (2014). Economic evaluation of pharmacogenomics: a value-based approach to pragmatic decision making in the face of complexity. Public Health Genomics , 17(5-6):256-264. Full Text
  • Snyder SR, Favoretto AM, Derzon JH, Christenson RH, Kahn SE, Shaw CS, Baetz RA, Mass D, Fantz CR, Raab SS, Tanasijevic MJ, Liebow EB. (2012, Sept). Effectiveness of barcoding for reducing patient specimen and laboratory testing identification errors: a Laboratory Medicine Best Practices systematic review and meta-analysis. Clin Biochem , 45(13-14), 988-98. Full Text
  • Christenson RH, Snyder SR, Shaw CS, Derzon JH, Black RS, Mass D, Epner P, Favoretto AM, Liebow EB. (2011, June). Laboratory medicine best practices: systematic evidence review and evaluation methods for quality improvement. Clin Chem , 57(6), 816-25. Full Text


MBA, University of California Berkeley,
PhD, Economics, Georgia State University,
Post Doctoral Fellowship, Prevention Effectiveness, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,