Associate Director, Bioethics Research
Assistant Professor
Center for Translational Bioethics and Health Care Policy

Office of the Chief Scientific Officer
100 North Academy Avenue
Danville, PA 17822 
Phone: 570-214-3774

Geisinger Research
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Research Interests

Dr. Wagner’s research is multidisciplinary and focused at the intersections of anthropology, genetics, law, and bioethics. During her post-doctoral research appointments at the Duke University Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy and the University of Pennsylvania Center for the Integration of Genetic Healthcare Technologies, she focused on ethical, legal, and social implications of genetic technologies with particular interest in the ways in which personal genetics could be used to mitigate racial disparities in health and justice. Her recent research covers three main areas: DNA ancestry testing, sports applications of personal genetics, and genetic rights as human rights. Research topics she explores include the ways in which ancestry and appearance affect identity, experiences of discrimination, and implicit prejudices; access, sharing, and privacy of personal genetic information; the medicalization of the human genome and its policy implications; perspectives on DNA identification technologies and their utility in law enforcement, immigration, and other non-medical contexts; limitations of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act; separation of powers issues related to government oversight of genetic/omics and mobile health technologies; and engagement of individuals and communities for research (including consent, research design, and implementation).

Recent Publications

  • S Katsanis, M Felini, J Kim, M Minear, S Chandrasekharan, and JK Wagner. "Perspectives of women in prostitution diversion program on DNA collection for a high-risk DNA database." International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences. 2017; 12(1):111-128. Full Text
  • Huang E, Cauley J, and Wagner JK. "Barred from better medicine? Reexamining the regulatory barriers to the inclusion of prisoners in research." Journal of Law and Biosciences. First published online Jan. 11, 2017. DOI: 10.1093/jlb/lsw064. Full Text
  • Wagner JK, Yu J-H, Ifekwunigwe J, Harrell T, Bamshad M, and Royal C. "Anthropologists' Views on Race, Ancestry, and Genetics." American Journal of Physical Anthropology. Nov. 22, 2016. DOI: 10.1002/ajpa23120. Full Text
  • JK Wagner, Peltz-Rauchman C, Rahm AK, Johnson CC. “Precision Engagement: PMI’s success will depend upon more than genomes and big data” Genetics in Medicine. advance online publication October 27, 2016. doi: 10.1038/gim2016.165. Full Text   
  • Nicol D, Bubela T, Chalmers D, Charbonneau J, Critchley C, Dickinson J, Fleming J, Hewitt A, Kaye J, Liddicoat J, McWhirter R, Otlowski M, Ries N, Skene L, Stewart C, Wagner J, Zeps N. “Precision Medicine: Drowning in Regulatory Soup” J Law Biosci. 2016 May 4. doi:10.1093/jlb/lsw018.


JD, University of North Carolina, 2007
PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 2010