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Adam Buckhanan
Director of Geisinger Genomic Medicine Institute

Genomic Medicine Institute
100 North Academy Avenue
Danville, PA 17822 
Phone: 570-214-4747

Adam H Buchanan, MS, MPH, LCGC

Research Interests

Adam Buchanan, MS, MPH, LCGC, is director of the Geisinger Genomic Medicine Institute. Previously, he was a research associate at Duke Cancer Institute. He is an experienced genetic counselor and NIH-funded investigator with research interests in outcomes of genomic screening programs, service delivery models for genetics services, clinical decision support based on family health history, and assessing cancer risk management behaviors. His clinical expertise includes intimate knowledge of recommended risk management for hereditary cancer syndromes. He is co-leading Geisinger’s MyCode genomic screening program for medically actionable genomic results and is helping to develop a health services research portfolio on patient-participant, family and system outcomes of this program.

Recent Publications

  • Hooker GW, Clemens KR, Vogel Postula KJ, Quillin J, Summerour P, Nagy R, Buchanan AH. Cancer genetic counseling and testing in an era of rapid change. Journal of Genetic Counseling, 2017 Apr 22 [Epub ahead of print]. PMID 28434142
  • Strande NT, Riggs ER, Buchanan AH, Dwight SS, Ghosh R, Sneddon TP, Birsoy O, Milko L, Azzariti DM, Giovanni M, Murray MF, O’Daniel J, Ramos EM, Santani A, Scott A, Plon SE, Rehm HL, Martin CL, Berg JS. Evaluating the clinical validity of gene-disease associations: An evidence-based framework developed by the Clinical Genome Resource. American Journal of Human Genetics, 2017;100(6):895-906. PMID 28552198
  • Randall LM, Pothuri B, Swisher EM, Diaz J, Buchanan AH, Witkop C, Powell B, Blair Smith E, Boyd J, Coleman RL, Lu K. Multi-disciplinary summit on genetics services for women with gynecologic cancers: A Society of Gynecologic Oncology White Paper. Gynecologic Oncology. 2017;146(2):217-224. PMID 28596016.
  • Buchanan AH, Manickam K, Meyer MN, Wagner JK, Hallquist M, Williams JL, Rahm AK, Williams MS, Chen ZME, Shah CK, Garg TK, Lazzeri AL, Schwartz ML, Lindbuchler DM, Fan AL, Leeming R, Servano III PO, Vogel VG, Abul-Husn NS, Dewey FE, Lebo MS, Mason-Suares HM, Ritchie MD, Davis FD, Carey DJ, Feinberg DT, Faucett WA, Ledbetter DH, Murray MF. Early cancer diagnoses through BRCA1/2 screening of unselected adult biobank participants. Genetics in Medicine, 2017 Oct 26 [Epub ahead of print]. PMID pending.
  • Rahm AK, Bailey L, Fultz K, Fan A, Williams JL, Buchanan AH, David FD, Murray MF, Williams MS. Parental attitudes and expectations towards receiving genomic test results in healthy children. Translational Behavioral Medicine, In press.


MPH, University of North Carolina Gillings School of Public Health, 1998-2000
MS, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2002-2004

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