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Eric Wright
Director, Center for Pharmacy Innovation and Outcomes 
Adjunct Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Wilkes University

Center for Pharmacy Innovation and Outcomes
Geisinger Precision Health Center, 190 Welles St.
Forty Fort, PA 18704 
Phone: 570-714-6633
Fax: (570) 714-6611

Eric A Wright, Pharm.D., MPH

Research Interests

Dr. Wright is a professor, the director of Geisinger's Center for Pharmacy Innovation and Outcomes and an adjunct professor within the department of pharmacy practice at Wilkes University. Dr. Wright has taken his years of experience managing patients with chronic complex conditions within the veteran population to research focused on evaluating health outcomes and developing innovative delivery of health services. Dr. Wright’s research leverages technology to assist with recognizing and addressing medication adherence barriers and gaps in care. He is the principal investigator on an NACDS Foundation –supported grant studying new ways to combat medication non-adherence during the transitions of care by linking inpatient pharmacists to community pharmacists. In partnership with Merck, he directs a project designed to address medication non-adherence through a web-application launched from the electronic health record.  Dr. Wright also leads a multidisciplinary coalition dedicated to reducing the impact of unused, unwanted and expired medications on public health (namely, drug addiction) and the environment through improved community awareness and increased convenience of proper medication disposal.

Recent Publications

  • Wright EA, Steinhubl SR, Jones JB, Barua Pinky, Yan X, Van Loan R, Frederick G, Bhandary D, Cobden D. (2017, Apr.) Medication burden in patients with acute coronary syndromes. Am J Manag Care. 2017;23(4). Full Text
  • Abul-Husn NS. Manickam K, Jones LK, Wright EA. et al. (2016, Dec). Genetic Identification of Familial Hypercholesterolemia within a Single U.S. Healthcare System. Science, 354(6319). DOI: 10.1126/science.aaf7000  
  • Maeng D, Toms L, Wright E. (2016, Nov). Patient characteristics and healthcare utilization patterns associated with unused medications among Medicare patients. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, S1551-7411(16):30353-9. Full Text
  • Wright EA, Darer J, Tang X, Thompson J, Tusing L, Fossa A, Delbanco T, Ngo L, Walker J. (2015, Oct). Sharing Physician Notes Through an Electronic Portal is Associated With Improved Medication Adherence: Quasi-Experimental Study. J Med Internet Res , 17(10)e226. Full Text
  • Fischer MA, Jones JB, Wright EA, VanLoan RP, Xie J, Gallagher L, Wurst AM, Shrank WH. (2015, Feb). A Randomized Telephone Intervention Trial to Reduce Primary Medication Nonadherence. J Manag Care Pharm , 21(2),124-31. Full Text
  • Zachariah JP, McNeal CJ, Copeland LA, Fang-Hollingsworth Y, Stock EM, Sun F, Song JJ, Gregory ST, Tom JO, Wright EA, VanWormer JJ, Cassidy-Bushrow AE.. (2015, Sept-Oct). Temporal trends in lipid screening and therapy among youth from 2002 to 2012.. J Clin Lipidol , 9(5Suppl) S77-87. Full Text
  • Wright EA, Brown B, Gettig J, Martello JL, McClendon KS, Smith KM, Teeters J, Ulbrich TR, Wegrzyn N, Bradley-Baker LR. (2014, Aug.). Teaching and Learning Curriculum Programs: Recommendations for Postgraduate Pharmacy Experiences in Education. Am J Health-Sys Pharm , 71(15):1292-1302. Full Text
  • McNeal CJ, Zachariah JP Gregory S, Cassidy-Bushrow AE, Wilson DP, Tom JO, VanWormer JJ, Wright EA, Copeland LA. (2014, June). Identifying and Reducing Barriers to Improve Lipid Screening in Youth. Current Cardiovascular Risk Reports , 8(393), 1-7 .    


Doctor of Pharmacy, University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy, 1998
Pharmacy Practice Residency, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, 1999
Masters of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, 2015

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