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Geisinger Musculoskeletal Institute
Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery
Orthopaedic Surgery
Fax: 570-214-6700

C. Liam Dwyer, MD

Research Interests

Dr. Dwyer’s research interests include upper extremity fractures, tendon injuries, compressive neuropathy, minimizing opioid use, wide-awake surgery, and resident education.


Recent Publications

Variations in Postoperative Opioid Prescribing Patterns within a Hand Surgery Practice (2016,2017,2018) 
Dwyer CL, Dashe J, Soong MC, Hunter AA, Tolo ET, Kasparyan NG. Published. J Hand Surg Am, 2018 

Pediatric Distal Radius Fracture Malunions: Overview And Current Treatment Recommendations (2017) 
Akoon A, Dwyer CL, Zachos TA, Seeley MA. Published. SM J Pediatr Surg. 2017; 3(3): 1049.
Hand Injuries in the Athlete (2016, 2017), Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine.
Dwyer CL, Tolo ET (Editors). Published Online 2016, 2017.
Treatment of Unstable Distal Radius Fractures with a Novel External Fixation Device compared to a Historical Control Group (2012,2013,2017)
Dwyer CL, Crosby NE, Seeds W, Lubahn JD. Published. Am J Orthop. 2017 Sep/Oct; 46(5):E344-352.

Hand Surgeon Reporting of Tendon Rupture Follow Distal Radius Volar Plating (2015, 2016)
Monaco NA, Dwyer CL, Ferikes AJ, Lubahn JD. Published, Hand 2016 Sep;11(3):278-286

Dorsal block splinting for dorsal fracture-dislocations. (2016)
Dwyer CL, Rogers SW, Ferikes AJ, Lubahn JD, Wolfe TL, Froehlich K.
In: Adams JE (ed), PIP Joint Fracture Dislocations: A Clinical Casebook, Springer:Cham, Switzerland, Ch. 2; 19-30.
Nonoperative treatment of volar PIP joint fracture dislocations. (2016)
Ferikes AJ, Rogers SW, Dwyer CL, Lubahn JD, Wolfe TL, Froehlich K
In: Adams JE (ed), PIP Joint Fracture Dislocations: A Clinical Casebook, Springer:Cham, Switzerland, Ch.15;197-210.
Treatment of Dupuytren's contracture with dermofasciectomy. (2016)
Monaco NA, Dwyer CL, Lubahn JD.
In: Rizzo M (ed). Dupuytren's Contracture: A Clinical Casebook, Springer:Cham, Switzerland, Ch 11; 147-159.
Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome of the Thenar and Hypothenar Eminances: Case Report (2015, 2017)
Dwyer CL, Soong MC, Kasparyan NG. Published, Hand 2017 May;12(3):NP43-45.
Biomechanical Comparison of Double Grasping Repair Versus Cross-Locked Cruciate Flexor Tendon Repair (2014, 2015)
Dwyer CL, Dominy DD, Cooney T, Englund R, Lubahn JD. Published. Hand. 2015 Mar;10(1):16-22.
Pediatric Extensor Tendon Injury and Treatment (2014, 2015)
Dwyer CL
, Ramirez RN, Lubahn JD. Published. Hand. 2015 Mar;10(1):23-27.
An Unusual Presentation of a Digital Schwannoma: Case Report (2014)
Dwyer CL, Creager AJ, Lubahn JD. Published. Hand. 2015 June:10(2):301-304
Carpometacarpal Dislocation of all Digits Without Fracture: a Case Report (2014)
Dwyer CL, Lee TD, Hood JM.


Undergraduate: University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN
Medical School: Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine, Chicago, IL
Residency: UPMC Hamot – Orthopaedic Surgery, Erie, PA
Fellowship: Lahey Clinic – Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery, Boston, MA