Research cores

Geisinger promotes a high caliber of scholarship and research by providing Geisinger's scientific community with state-of-the-art facilities and resources, and extensive research support.

Biostatistics Core 

The Biostatistics Core (BC) provides biostatistical analysis support to Geisinger investigators, physician-scientists and clinicians, and is an indispensable quantitative resource for interpreting and understanding clinical data and furthering biomedical investigations. The BC provides research support for large grants as well as to residents, fellows and physicians.  Learn More

Advanced Application Development

Develops innovative solutions and tools designed to enable health care delivery teams to more efficiently provide high quality patient centered care. Learn More

Healthcare Analytics

Founded on the assumption that applying the principles of Industrial and Systems Engineering to healthcare delivery will improve performance and processes, create efficiencies that improve overall patient outcomes while reducing costs, and produce more satisfied healthcare teams. Learn More

High-Performance Medical Computing Core

The high-performance core specializes in genomic analytics, machine learning, data visualization, predictive analytics, image analytics and advanced decisions support algorithms. Learn More 

Office of Clinical Research Operations

The Office of Clinical Research Operations (OCRO) supports clinical trials research throughout the Geisinger Health System. With a staff of nurse coordinators, research assistants and regulatory support, the OCRO offers assistance throughout every stage of the clinical trial process. OCRO staff provides expertise in feasibility assessment, drafting staffing hours for study budgets, preparing IRB submissions and operationalizing and conducting trials, including high-quality data collection, closure and archiving, as needed. Contact us early in the planning process to help ensure adequate staffing is available. Learn More

Phenomic Analytics and Clinical Data Core

The Phenomic Analytics and Clinical Data Core (PACDC) provides collaborative phenotypic development and research data support to GHS investigators, clinicians, residents and fellows. Its services include data extraction from multiple data sources, data organization and modeling, survey data capture, data visualization, terminology and ontology management, and electronic phenotype development. It acts as an institutional data broker to obtain data for research studies. Learn More

Survey Research and Recruitment Core

The Survey Research and Recruitment Core (SRRC) combines state-of-the-art technology and highly trained interviewers to provide cutting-edge data collection and recruitment for your research study. Staff can perform computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI), provide recruiting for research visits, field a web survey or distribute printed mail surveys. The SRRC management team can offer insight into survey best practices to help you develop a study that delivers quality data in an efficient, cost-effective manner. A new expansion of expertise includes development of survey instruments including pilot testing, cognitive testing and assessment for biased reporting. Learn More