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Geisinger Commonwealth Common Equipment

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine has purchased and maintains new equipment that support 28 basic science department laboratories in addition to shared equipment cores and facilities. Oversight and maintenance of common equipment is provided by the Department of Basic Sciences. The equipment included in this common area includes:

  • One dual wave length Spectrophotometer DU800 with kinetics package (Beckman)
  • One fluorimeter spectrometer
  • Centrifuges
  • One supper-speed centrifuge (Sorvall) and 3 rotors
  • One ultracentrifuge (Beckman, floor model) 100K and 3 rotors
  • One ultracentrifuge (Beckman, Bench top) TLX and 3 rotors
  • One AVANTI L-E super-speed centrifuge (floor model) and 3 rotors
  • Numerous equipments appropriate for biochemistry
  • Apparatuses for high- and low-voltage electrophoresis
  • One water purification system
  • One analytical balance
  • One digital gel Imaging station for gel documentation
  • One X-ray developer
  • One ph meter
  • Fluorescence and visible light microplate readers
  • Bench-top Eppendorf microcentrifuges
  • Water baths
  • Vortex devices
  • Hot/stir plates
  • Sonicator
  • Tissue homogenizers
  • Surgical tools
  • Shakers
  • One -80˚C and one -20˚C freezers, one 4˚C fridge
  • Three PC computers with access to the internet
  • Five vertical laminar flow hoods,
  • Six double-stacked CO2-regulating and O2-regulating incubator
  • Z2 Coulter counter (Beckman)
  • Waterbaths
  • High-capacity Eppendorf clinical centrifuge
  • One inverted Nikon microscope with digital camera
  • One standard Olympus light microscope
  • Three cryogenic storage tanks for cells
  • Two darkrooms available for the labs at Geisinger Commonwealth

Contact information

Sonia Lobo, PhD, RYT
Associate Dean for Research & Scholarship
Professor of Biochemistry
Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine
Senior Director of Research Administration
Fax: 570-504-9618