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Microscopy and Flow Cytometry Core

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine’s Microscopy and Flow Cytometry Core supports the research of investigators and their trainees. It provides all levels of technical support and consultation for researchers needing imaging of cells and tissues, flow cytometry analysis of protein expression on cells or cell cycle analysis and cell sorting. The facility furnishes techniques and instrumentation to investigators and laboratory personnel for research and training.

Equipment in the Microscopy and Flow Cytometry Core

Flow cytometry and cell sorting:

  • Becton Dickinson FACSaria II flow cytometer
  • FACSaria II Hood

Confocal microscopy and fluorescence microscopy:

  • Nikon A1 Confocal microscope
  • Nikon T1-U inverted fluorescent microscope
  • Cellomics ArrayScan VTI HCS Reader High throughput microscope


  • Nikon SMZ 645 upright microscope
  • (5) Nikon TS-100 Inverted tissue culture microscopes
  • Nikon SMZ800 Stereozoom dissecting microscope
  • Zeiss Axio Observer A1 manual Inverted microscope
  • Zeiss M2 Discovery stereo microscope
  • (2) Nikon SMZ800 Stereozoom dissecting microscope
  • Nikon SMZ645 Stereomicroscope
  • Olympus BX61microscope equipped with IR-DIC optics

Cell motility:

  • Electric cell – impedance system (ECIS)
  • Matrigel and Boyden chamber analysis

Patch clamp analysis:

  • Axon Instruments Multiclamp 700B amplifier with a Digidata 1440A digitizer and PClamp software
  • Two headstages are controlled by a sutter MPC-200 controller and two MPC-325 manipulators
  • Sutter Flaming/Brown micropipette puller
  • X-ray absorptiometry (Faxitron systems)

General procedures for the core

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility is for research use and must be scheduled in advance for use. Billing for usage is completed monthly by department and principal investigator. We do not break down the billing by technician or project, but if the researcher needs this information, they can retrieve it upon request to the core facility. All users must schedule time on the calendar, whether in advance or as a walk-in (depending on availability). The facility is designed to have the users operate the instruments when running samples and analyzing data; however, services are offered. The core personnel will train these users to become proficient over time in setting up their experiments, running samples and producing and archiving data resulting from the experiments. There is a terabyte server available to all researchers for transferring data to your laboratory for archival or further analysis. Users may also transfer data to other portable storage media if desired. In any case, the user is ultimately responsible for archiving any and all data generated. Safety for all users and core personnel is a priority concern. Since the core facility is a shared laboratory and is designated as a BSL II facility, there are certain guidelines that all users are responsible to be aware of and follow. This is a special concern for cell sorting and biosafety concerns and guidelines will be strictly adhered to. This policy is summarized in our safety guidelines, available to all new users. They include guidelines for the safe use of lasers as well.


Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine
Medical Sciences Building
525 Pine St.
Scranton, PA 18509

Citing the core in publications

When using data or tools generated at Geisinger Commonwealth in publications or grants, cite the core laboratory personnel who worked on the project and the “Microscopy and Flow Cytometry Core Facility, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine” as appropriate. Also let research leadership know about publications or grant applications that make use of the services of this facility – this is important for continued availability of these services.

Rates and time scheduling

Rates for equipment and core facility usage are priced competitively.

Contact information

Sonia Lobo, PhD, RYT
Associate Dean for Research & Scholarship
Professor of Biochemistry
Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine
Senior Director of Research Administration
Fax: 570-504-9618

For scheduling and training, contact:
Shagufta Khan
Laboratory Manager
Fax: 570-504-9636