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Onboarding for Geisinger learners

Welcome to Geisinger!

Teaching, learning and discovery are at the heart of making better health easier. That’s why Geisinger College of Health Sciences combines the strength of our integrated health system, research and educational programs to give you a robust clinical training experience.

Ready to get started? View onboarding information by selecting the link below based on the type of student or instructor you are. A full listing of student types is included to help you find the right information for you.

Students in class

Nursing students

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Student Nurse – Graduate
Student Nurse – Undergraduate
Student Nurse – Undergraduate RN
Geisinger Lewistown Hospital Student Nurse

 All other students

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Abigail Geisinger Premedical Clinical Experiences Student
Chaplain Intern
Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine Student
Pennsylvania College of Osteopathic Medical Students

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Student Athletic Trainer
Student Audiologist
Student Cardiac Catheterization Technologist
Student Cardiac Electrophysiology Technologist
Student Cardiac Sonographer
Student Cardiovascular Technologist
Student Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Student Child Life Practicum
Student Counselor
Student Dietetic Intern
Student Emergency Medical Technician
Student Exercise Physiologist
Student Genetic Counselor
Student Health Administrator Graduate
Student Health Administrator Undergraduate
Student Medical Assistant
Student Medical Imaging Program
Student Medical Laboratory Technician
Student Medical Office Specialist
Student Neurophysiology
Student Neurophysiology IONM
Student Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Student Nurse Midwife
Student Nurse Practitioner
Student Nursing Assistant
Student Occupational Therapist
Student Paramedic
Student Patient Navigator
Student Perfusionist
Student Pharmacist IPPE
Student Pharmacy APPE
Student Pharmacy Technician
Student Phlebotomist
Student Physical Therapist
Student Physical Therapist Assistant
Student Physician Assistant
Student Podiatrist
Student Pre-Physician Assistant
Student Radiation Therapist
Student Radiographer (Geisinger)
Student Radiographer (Non-Geisinger)
Student Recreational Therapist
Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist Geisinger
Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist Non-Geisinger
Student Respiratory Therapist
Student Social Worker BSW
Student Social Worker MSW
Student Speech-Language Pathologist
Student Surgical First Assistant
Student Surgical Technologist
Student Ultrasound Technologist
Student Vascular Ultrasound Technologist
Visiting Medical Student
Visiting Provider
Visiting Resident
Wright Center Visiting Fellow
Wright Center Visiting Resident

Nursing student onboarding
Other student onboarding
Instructor onboarding
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