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Nursing alumni

Nursing alumni

The School of Nursing Alumni Association at Geisinger Medical Center supports our nurses through professional and educational programming, networking opportunities, lobbying, social events and other services.

Founded in 1919, the group is made up of approximately 2,500 members, 800 of whom regularly take part in events. Its early members were involved in setting the pay scale for private duty nurses, and those active today help track and celebrate the accomplishments of graduates making an impact in the field of medicine. They also publish a newsletter and host a yearly alumni luncheon.

Board of directors 

  • President Tamara Persing, term expires 2016
  • Vice President Mary Haupt, term expires 2017
  • Secretary Emmaline Styer, term expires 2017
  • Treasurer Nancy Doran, term expires 2017
  • Peter J. Price, term expires 2017
  • Flossie Grausam, term expires 2017
  • Christina Linn, term expires 2017
  • Linda Rea, term expires 2016
  • Tammy Houtz, term expires 2016
  • Megan King, term expires 2017

Change of address

School of Nursing Alumni records are maintained by Geisinger's Development Office. To submit an address or name change, complete and mail this form (PDF).


Dues are $5 per year, paid between August and October only. Send this form (PDF) along with your dues. Anyone who has paid dues for 30 years is an honorary member and no longer required to pay.

Find a classmate

The best way to get in touch with a fellow alumnus is to contact:
Mrs. Nancy Doran
210 Welch Rd.
Danville, PA 17821

If anyone does not want her or his address to be given out, tell Nancy.


For school transcripts or verification of graduation, contact Kim Bussey,, 570-271-5815


Do not send alumni correspondence to Geisinger Medical Center or the education center. Send information directly to an alumni association board member.

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