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Emergency Medicine Residency – Northeast

Make a difference and save lives by enrolling in the Geisinger Emergency Medicine Residency – Northeast program.

About us

Program vision

Often, emergency medicine can be the difference between life and death. It takes a special person to serve on the front lines of this demanding field. At Geisinger, our mission is to train highly competent and compassionate practitioners of the art and science of emergency medicine.

Through a carefully guided process of progressive responsibility, you can expect the Emergency Medicine Residency program to train you to be an expert caregiver and communicator. You’ll also gain the medical knowledge to employ evidence-based practices.

A cornerstone of this program is to teach and instill professionalism as a core belief and practice pattern that can be recognized by your peers and patients alike.

Our core values at Geisinger are kindness, excellence, safety, learning and innovation. These tenets fit well with the mission and philosophy of our program leadership.

The program aims to have faculty and residents reflect these values. As a resident, you will achieve competency in and reflect the following attributes:

  1. Evaluate, resuscitate and recognize patients with emergent conditions presenting to the Emergency Department
  2. Effectively manage multiple patients of various acuities in the Emergency Department
  3. Appropriately communicate and interact with a broad demographic of patients, ethnically and culturally
  4. Develop the skills to educate medical students, fellow residents, nurses and pre-hospital personnel
  5. Develop the skills to become a leader and represent emergency medicine in an administrative capacity
  6. Pass the American Board of Emergency Medicine written and oral exams
  7. Develop tools for self-evaluation and reflection

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Program director’s welcome

Hello! Thanks for considering the Emergency Medicine Residency Program at the Geisinger Northeast campus. We are a three-year residency at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center. Although our program is newly accredited, we’re part of the Geisinger system, which has a long and proud tradition of excellence and innovation in graduate medical education. 

For example, we’re home to 31 ACGME-approved residency and 28 fellowship programs. Moreover, I have led the development, accreditation and growth of a new emergency medicine program in my 10-year tenure as program director. I count it a privilege to be doing it a second time in partnership with this dedicated faculty and health system.

As a resident, you’ll gain competencies through a carefully guided process of progressive clinical responsibility, rigorous didactic education and simulation training. The program will expose you to the full range of patient presentations and complaints from day one. You’ll benefit from robust faculty staffing, equipped with the expertise to maximize bedside teaching and procedural instruction.

Our team of dedicated faculty has developed a holistic educational process that emphasizes your wellness, including periodic resident wellness check-ins as part of our core conference. You’ll have a faculty mentor assigned to make sure we maintain open and consistent avenues of communication throughout your training.

Geisinger has long recognized the value — and embraced the diversity — of the cultures and people we serve. We’re committed to making our environment a more diverse, equitable and inclusive place for all, in part through holistic application review.

The ultimate job of emergency medicine residency training is to have you leave your thousand-day experience with confidence and competence in clinical care and equipped with the tools to foster lifelong learning and problem-solving. We would love to be stewards of that journey with you! 

It’s my hope that our program will ignite in you the spirit of being a pioneering member of our inaugural class.


David P. Lisbon, MD, FACEP

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Our home: Northeastern Pennsylvania

Nestled in the Pocono Mountains and within a two-hour drive of both New York and Philadelphia, you will find NEPA is a great place to call home. The area is family-friendly and comfortable, offering numerous recreational activities for all to enjoy. There’s an abundance of year-round outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking and skiing. We also have several entertainment venues that host popular musicians and comedians as well as minor-league sports. Overall, our communities are a great place for living a healthy, stress-free lifestyle. And more importantly, NEPA is a place where you can make a difference.