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Jaehee Cho, PharmD
Pharmacy school: University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy
Interests: Critical care, emergency medicine, transplant, academia
Why Geisinger? "Pharmacists at Geisinger are in the unique position to practice at the top of their licenses with providers for optimizing patient care. The strong relationship that has been built between providers and pharmacists is very apparent and has helped convince me in pursuing further training. Meeting the preceptors and learning the work that they do with their license and training has allowed me to explore many underexplored facets of pharmacy. Through the many flexible and diverse opportunities, I know the training I receive here will be applicable as a new practitioner in my future career."

Hannah Chun, PharmD
Pharmacy school: Northeastern University
Interests: Solid organ transplant, internal medicine, pharmacy administration, public health
Why Geisinger? "I chose Geisinger because of the independence and responsibilities pharmacy as a whole has within a large health network and academic center, so it was a program I felt would optimize my year as a resident. Also, the rotations offered are not only core rotations but there are also many specialized, unique rotations, which was particularly beneficial for me as I came into residency unsure of what field I wanted to work in."

Allison Hamner, PharmD
Pharmacy school: University of Louisiana Monroe, College of Pharmacy
Interests: Hematology/oncology
Why Geisinger? "One of the most important qualities that I was looking for in a residency program was a positive physician and pharmacist relationship. After a short while here, I have quickly realized how much the physicians trust and value our input as pharmacists. Another quality that drew me to Geisinger was the many rotation choices. While I have an interest in oncology, I could choose rotations that I did not have the chance to experience while in pharmacy school. Overall, I chose Geisinger because I felt that it was the best fit for my professional goals and overall growth."

Melanie Hawn, PharmD
Pharmacy school: University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy
Interests: Ambulatory care, cardiology, transitions of care
Why Geisinger? "I am from a small town in Pennsylvania and then I went to pharmacy school in Pittsburgh, Pa. Being in Pittsburgh I was able to learn at large academic medical centers. Geisinger Medical Center provides the best of both worlds. I can enjoy small town life and continue to learn at a large academic medical center. I was also very drawn to the variety of learning experiences offered by Geisinger. I hope to pursue a career in ambulatory care, but I also wanted to learn acute care; here I can do both."

Tram Le, PharmD
Pharmacy school: University of the Sciences - Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
Interests: Cardiology, emergency medicine, critical care
Why Geisinger? "I completed a few student rotations with Geisinger, and I saw how involved the pharmacists were with the providers and the patients every day. Additionally, all of the preceptors have been motivated to making sure I have endless opportunities to learn as much as I can. Pharmacists at Geisinger are well-respected, hardworking clinicians, which makes it a great system to practice to my fullest potential."