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About us

J. Scott Greene, MD, FACS, program director

Program aims

  • To graduate knowledgeable highly-skilled surgeons who can begin fellowship training in any otolaryngology – head & neck surgery subspecialty area or independent clinical practice to provide comprehensive, compassionate patient care
  • To foster skills and habits of dedication and self-motivation for continued lifelong learning and professional development; to focus on training the surgeon and physician-educator workforce to provide for the diverse populations of the mid-Atlantic states
  • To engender priorities of outstanding safe care and satisfaction of our patients, betterment of quality and sensitive use of resources
  • To give experience in research methodologies to enable contribution to and appropriate appraisal of ongoing published medical literature; and to nurture in the humanities for continual remembrance of our frail, temporary time among mankind

Our graduates

Approximately half of our graduates continue training in top fellowship programs nationally. Other graduates enter into clinical practice as members within health systems or within group practices. Many who proceed to fellowship training continue in academic departments educating and performing clinical research. Graduates have successfully pursued nearly all the subspecialty fields of otolaryngology – head & neck surgery.

The Geisinger difference

Training at Geisinger Medical Center provides a unique training environment. Being situated in a beautiful, rural environment does not truncate clinical opportunities and experiences. Clinical and surgical breadth and depth are robust. Working in busy outpatient clinics associated with the main hospital campus and associated with a large outpatient surgery center gives variety in patient care. Geisinger, as the sole tertiary/quaternary hospital in the area, draws patients with subspecialty needs from a broad geographical area. A collegial mentoring atmosphere permeates the educational setting.

Departmental goal

Our goal is to promote, preserve and enhance excellence in ethical patient care, service, education and research in a dignified human working environment.

General program features

  • Daily one-to-one faculty-to-resident mentoring in clinics and surgery
  • Balanced exposure to subspecialty fields within otolaryngology – head & neck surgery
  • Strong educational conference schedule and curriculum, providing diversity in learning
  • Dedicated research time and support to result in abstract presentations and publications
  • Collaboration with multiple specialties in research and in the care of patients with complex medical disorders (cleft deformities, head and neck cancers, sleep-disordered breathing, CNS lesions or disorders or traumatic injuries)

J. Scott Greene, MD, FACS
Residency Program Director

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