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About us

Mandy Maneval, MD, PhD, program director

The Lewistown Rural Family Medicine Residency is a collaboration between Geisinger and Family Practice Center (FPC). This unique venture offers a unique and effective learning experience in the training of future family physicians. In an effort to address the shortage of primary care physicians in rural areas, this program aims to recruit and train physicians with a keen interest in rural family medicine.

Our goal is to attract top-notch medical students from across the country with a keen interest of training in our unique rural setting. Our residents will be embedded into Family Practice Center offices for their continuity care clinic; this is a key piece of their education. Residents will be supervised by board-certified family physicians who have extensive experience in the practice of rural medicine. The continuity clinic provides each resident with their own panel of patients, whom they follow up with in the hospital, nursing home, home visit and across the continuum of their care. Inpatient rotations will be set up at Geisinger Lewistown Hospital. Rotations at Geisinger subspecialty offices will provide a well-rounded experience in all aspect of primary care. Additionally, the residents will have an opportunity to participate in community based research projects with state of the art resources.

  • We will train our residents to provide high-quality, patient-centered care. We expect our residents to become caring and conscientious community family medicine physicians.
  • We aim to train residents in a manner which is supportive, respectful, and collegial. They will be like junior partners to our team.
  • At the completion of our program, we hope that each resident will become our colleague within Geisinger or Family Practice Center.
  • Should our residents practice in other locations, we expect them to use what has been learned here to improve care elsewhere and to act as ambassadors for our program.
  • We strive to provide residents with skills to be independent in the very challenging rural settings with limited resources and specialty support anywhere they chose to practice.

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