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Interested applicants are required to have, or obtain before starting the residency, a graduate degree in medical physics from a Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs (CAMPEP) accredited graduate program or certificate from a CAMPEP approved certificate program.

Residency applications will be accepted from October through December of the year prior to start date of the residency. Reference the AAPM Medical Physics Residency Application Program (MP_RAP) website for the specific application dates. The MP_RAP application must be fully completed. Since 2014, Geisinger has and will continue to participate in the MedPhys Match program through the National Matching Service. 

Application process

When the MP_RAP deadline ends, all applications will receive a cursory review from the program directors to ensure the applicant graduated from a CAMPEP medical physics graduate program or completed a CAMPEP medical physics certificate program. Any application which does not satisfy either requirement will not be considered.

Following the cursory review, every application will be assigned two separate physicists who will review and score each application.

The applications will be ranked according to the highest score and the top ranked applications will be invited to participate in telephone interviews. The program director will email applicants inviting them to participate in a 20-minute telephone interview with the program directors, physics staff and current residents. Following the interview, evaluation forms will be completed and assigned a score. The applications will then be ranked. The program directors will meet with the physics staff and together will select the top three to four ranked applicants to invite for onsite interviews.

The program director will send an email to the applicants, inviting them to participate in an onsite interview. During the onsite interview, the applicant will see the physics department, equipment, facilities and interview with the residency program directors, physics staff, dosimetry staff, physicians, administration and department operational manager. Following the interview, the faculty and staff will complete evaluation forms and assign a score to the applicant’s interview. The program director will compile all onsite evaluation forms and present the overall score ranking results to the group who participated in the onsite interview. During the interview the faculty, staff and residents will agree on the final ranking order to submit to the MedPhys Match program. Immediately following the posting of the MedPhys Match results, the program director will personally call the matched applicant and welcome them to the Geisinger team.

Please contact the program director or assistant director with any questions regarding the program or application process.



Contact us

Jared Treas, MS, DABR, Director
Medical Physics Residency Program
Geisinger Medical Center
Department of Radiation Oncology (20-03)
100 N. Academy Ave.
Danville, PA 17822

Ian Butterwick, MS DABR
Assistant Director Medical Physics Residency Program
Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center
Department of Radiation Oncology
1000 E. Mountain Blvd.
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711