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Frequently asked questions

How do I obtain a clinical site for my students?

All outpatient clinical rotations should be made during open enrollment. Individual clinics should not be contacted for direct arrangements. 
What do I do if I have students who need to make up clinicals? 

Contact the coordinator for that site. They will need to confirm that no other clinical is scheduled and the unit is free to use. The site may also require the permission of the unit manager or director. Instructors must be present during all makeup clinical rotations.
How do I enroll students and instructors into the new onboarding portal?

Any person designated by the school now has the ability to enroll students and instructors through our onboarding web portal. Be sure you have approval from the site placement coordinator(s) to complete your rotations before entering any student or instructor into this portal.

You’ll receive a confirmation email after submission. If you don’t receive one and are concerned your submission may not have gone through, do not enter the information again. Instead, email and ask if the entry was received. The coordinator will tell you how to proceed and whether any other action is needed.

If you entered information incorrectly or you have questions on what to enter in certain fields, contact

Does Geisinger have a mandatory vaccination policy? 

Yes. All students and instructors must be compliant for flu vaccinations before the Geisinger start date, which is two weeks before clinical rotations start. Flu vaccination compliance is only applicable during the active flu season. 

Geisinger is now allowing students and instructors to apply for a religious/medical exemption for flu vaccines. Waivers and declinations will not be accepted. 

The assigned workforce/nonemployee number should be used to submit proofs or medical/religious exemptions here.

Your start date will be pushed back two weeks if you are not compliant for the flu vaccination by the day before your start date. You may not complete your rotation if you’re not compliant by the new start date. 

Does Geisinger issue ID badges? 

Geisinger will no longer issue badges for students or clinical faculty, except in certain circumstances. All students and clinical faculty must wear their school-issued badge. 

Geisinger employees who are also clinical instructors must wear their school badge when on campus, as they will not be providing care in their Geisinger employee role, but are representing their school program.

What do I need to know about passwords, GOALS and Epic? 

Logins and passwords are now universal, meaning a single username and password are used to log into the computer, GOALS and Epic. 

Login information
Login letters are only provided to new students and instructors. Returning students and instructors typically do not receive new login letters, except for those who were terminated at some point and return for future rotations.

Login letters are sent by Courion to the Geisinger student manager two weeks before the start date listed in Workday. An HPE coordinator will send the letters to the school when they are received, along with directions for submitting vaccinations and completing GOALS at home after you achieve vaccine compliance. 

The school then distributes the letters to the students and instructors. If you (or one of your students or instructors) did not receive a login letter by less than two weeks before the start date, contact

Initial password resets for new students and instructors may be completed at home. Returning students and instructors may need to reset their passwords if they have expired. Call 570-271-8092 to get a password reset for any reason on or after the start date. 

The Help Desk can resolve any login issues encountered during clinicals. Have your Workforce number (also called employee number, nonemployee number or contingent worker number) and the last four digits of your Social Security number or student ID ready before you call. However, the Help Desk cannot see accounts before the start date listed in Workday for a student or instructor.

Epic information
Epic requests are submitted for students/instructors as soon as they are placed into Workday/NEProfile. However, it can take up to three weeks for the Epic Security Team to complete these requests, depending on their workload and the volume of requests they receive. 

GOALS information
All GOALS courses assigned with active due dates must be completed before starting each clinical rotation. These courses are automatically assigned intermittently according to current clinical and regulatory needs. All courses assigned have annual completion requirements, so students and faculty should check before each semester for newly assigned courses and complete them as soon as possible.

Spot audits will be completed every semester by the nursing student education team. We will randomly select several students and instructors from each school to be audited and will contact the school coordinator and the student or instructor to notify them of the audit. 

If any students/faculty have begun rotations and are found to have GOALS courses not completed, the students/faculty and school leadership will be notified of the noncompliance and will be advised to leave the clinical environment. They will be unable to return until all courses are completed in full. If you have questions related to GOALS, email

May I use my employee access if I am a Geisinger employee as well as a student or instructor?

Students or instructors who are at Geisinger for the purpose of clinical education may not use their employee passwords, badges or proxy tag access. They will be performing a role different from their Geisinger employee role and will be doing so for their educational program. Therefore, medicolegally, it would be a misrepresentation of roles, responsibilities and liabilities. 

Instructors and students should wear their school badges. First and last names should be listed on badges as a regulatory requirement. It is recommended that school and role be listed as well. 

Students who are also employees will have their roles merged in Workday under their employee number and the separate student account will be removed. If the student requires Epic access, a separate user login ID will be created for the student role. The student will then log into the computer with their employee universal login credentials. They will use their new student Epic user ID and their employee universal password to access student Epic. 

If a student becomes an employee or terminates employment but remains a student, the student or school coordinator should contact to communicate these changes so the coordinators can make sure the student does not lose their access.

GOALS courses will also be affected for students who are employees or become employees while remaining in their student role. The nursing student education team will send the list of GOALS that need to be completed, along with the student Epic IDs, to the school coordinators. If you need a current list of GOALS courses, contact

What is Omnicell and how do I get access to it? 

Omnicell is Geisinger’s automated medication dispensing system. Only clinical instructors are allowed to remove medications from the dispenser for students. Omnicell devices are in the unit’s med rooms, which are secured by proxy access.

Our nursing student education team will submit an Omnicell access request to Identity & Access Management to be added into the Omnicell mainframe.

What is proxy access and how do I get it? 

Most hospital areas have a lockdown system in which certain doors, floors and areas (medical rooms) require access via scanning tag.

Access to these locations must be approved by a gatekeeper such as the unit manager and the Geisinger nursing coordinator. 

Security can add that location to your instructor proxy tag. Instructors must visit security to obtain their proxy tag or have their tag updated.

Northeast Campus
Be sure to make an appointment ahead of time to visit the Northeast Campus. Just contact Donald Lasoski at

For Geisinger Community Medical Center, contact Jane Devine at

At Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, provide this information to Donald Lasoski at

At Geisinger Community Medical Center, provide this information to Jean Devine at

Central Region
You can stop by security without an appointment. Returning instructors should contact security to update their proxy tags if it's been more than 90 days since they've been used with new rotations date and access areas needed.

For Geisinger Lewistown Hospital, please contact Craig Wheeler at

For Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital, you must obtain a proxy tags must be obtained through the GBH hospital’s Security office.

Where can I park when I arrive for clinical? 

Parking information for each site is below. 

Geisinger Community Medical Center – Park in the Dunmore parking lot on East Grove Street and take the shuttle. 

Geisinger Jersey Shore Hospital – Students should park across the street from the main entrance on Kerr Avenue in the employee parking lot.

Geisinger Lewistown Hospital – Park in the stone lot behind the Arby’s (turn on Third Street, take the first alley on the left and go past the house to the stone lot). Carpool if possible. Do not park in patient/visitor lots. Security can provide escort to vehicles, if desired — contact them through the switchboard at 717-248-5411 or dial “0” in house. 

Geisinger Medical Center – Employee/student parking available in the North Zone parking lot. Be sure to stand at a “bus hut” to catch the bus. Buses with the yellow “North” magnet on the side will shuttle you back and forth to the north entrance, where students enter the hospital. The lower parking lot on the left is a walking lot — the bus does not enter that lot. Parking is also available in the parking garage between 6 p.m. and 7 a.m. on the third floor or above (first and second floors are for patients/visitors only).

Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre – Parking is preferred in the back lots on Barney Street, behind the parking garage. Evening clinical students and instructors may park in the parking garage. Parking is not allowed on ground floor or level 3. Students and instructors must park on level 2 or 4. Don’t leave valuables visible in your car, such as purses or electronic devices.

Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center – Students must park in the east campus lower lot (Lot E6). All instructors have access to the 2/3 shift lot for afternoon and evening shifts and E4 for day shift. At night, the ED security office will provide an escort to your car, if desired. Parking across from the ED is reserved for patients and visitors only. Don’t leave valuables or food in your car (bears in the area will occasionally break into cars if they smell food).

Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital – Use parking lot C, adjacent to the main entrance.

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