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College of
Health Sciences

Amir Goren
Amir Goren, PhD
Program Director, Behavioral Insights Team
Geisinger Office Building 1 
100 North Academy Ave
Danville, PA 17822

Amir Goren, PhD

Research Interests

Social psychology, judgment and decision making, behavioral economics, health outcomes

Recent Publications

Goren, A., Santos, H. C., Davis, T. W., Lowe, R. B., Monfette, M., Meyer, M. N., Chabris, C. F. (2024). Comparison of clinical decision support tools to improve pediatric lipid screening. The Journal of Pediatrics, 269, 113973.

Patel, M. S., Milkman, K. L., Gandhi, L., Graci, H. N., Gromet, D. M., Ho, H., Kay, J. S., Lee, T. W., Rothschild, J., Akinola, M., Beshears, J., Bogard, J. E., Buttenheim, A., Chabris, C., Chapman, G. B., Choi, J. J., Dai, H., Fox, C. R., Goren, A., Hilchey, M. D., … Duckworth, A. L. (2022). A randomized trial of behavioral nudges delivered through text messages to increase influenza vaccination among patients with an upcoming primary care visit. American Journal of Health Promotion, 0(0).

Wolk, D. M., Lanyado, A., Tice, A. M., Shermohammed, M., Kinar, Y., Goren, A., Chabris, C. F., Meyer, M. N., Shoshan, A., & Abedi, V. (2022). Prediction of influenza complications: Development and validation of a machine learning prediction model to improve and expand the identification of vaccine-hesitant patients at risk of severe influenza complications. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 11(15), 4342.

Milkman, K. L., Gandhi, L., Patel, M. S., Graci, H. N., Gromet, D. M., Ho, H., Kay, J. S., Lee, T. W., Rothschild, J., Bogard, J. E., Brody, I., Chabris, C. F., Chang, E., Chapman, G. B., Dannals, J. E., Goldstein, N. J., Goren, A., Hershfield, H., Hirsch, A., Hmurovic, J., … Duckworth, A. L. (2022). A 680,000-person megastudy of nudges to encourage vaccination in pharmacies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 119(6), e2115126119.

Goren, A., Patel, M., Meyer, M. N., & Chabris, C. F. (2021). Crowdsourcing nudges: Insights and experiences from two healthcare systems. In A. Samson (Ed.), The Behavioral Economics Guide 2021 (with an Introduction by John List) (pp. 94-103).

Santos, H. C., Goren, A., Chabris, C. F., & Meyer, M. N. (2021). Effect of targeted behavioral science messages on COVID-19 vaccination registration among employees of a large health system: A randomized trial. Journal of the American Medical Association Network Open, 4(7), e2118702.

Recent Grants

NIH NIA Roybal funding 2019-2024, GHP Quality Fund Award 2023-2024


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