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A message from the president and dean

Healthcare is changing.

Interprofessional teams, rather than disconnected individual providers, now deliver care. Technologies like electronic health records and gene sequencing are necessary tools rather than novelties. The very foundation of medicine has shifted to focus on wellness, rather than disease intervention, and there’s a growing recognition that people don’t stay well or get sick in a vacuum. Neighborhood, income, education – these all play a vital role in health that physicians must understand before they can see and treat the whole person.

Tomorrow’s physician must be equipped to approach medicine on both a macro and a micro level – to be capable of discerning and helping to cure the systemic, societal causes of disease, as well ready to render compassionate care in the way Geisinger believes it should be delivered: one patient at a time.

For this reason, in addition to the MD, Geisinger Commonwealth offers a variety of outstanding degree programs, including master's degrees. We also have more than 400 trainees in 25 graduate medical education programs and offer 22 advanced fellowships from addiction medicine to vascular surgery. We are dedicated to providing education that will make our learners leaders of the healthcare teams of the future, which is why our MD students often work side by side with learners from these other programs.

As a young school born of innovation and integrated with a health system routinely held up as a national model of excellence for person-centered care, Geisinger Commonwealth offers a unique and distinct medical education. Leveraging Geisinger’s acclaimed clinical and technological strengths – including its international prominence in genetics and genomics  we emphasize active learning, early clinical exposure and community engagement to address social determinants of health from day one. That’s why Geisinger Commonwealth graduates are known for their brilliance and their caring – for authentic empathy coupled with superior clinical skills and knowledge all accompanied by an unparalleled ability to connect with patients. This is the kind of doctor who will lead the healthcare teams of the future. If this is the future physician you’d like to be, Geisinger Commonwealth is the place to learn.


Steven J. Scheinman, MD
President and Dean, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine
Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Geisinger

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Steven J. Scheinman, M.D.
Steven J. Scheinman, MD