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Thomas Davis, MD, program director

The combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics (Med-Peds) Residency at Geisinger Medical Center has been developing physician leaders through a curriculum focused on modern healthcare delivery and systems-based practice for more than 30 years. Culminating in dual board certification, med-peds–trained physicians embody the necessary knowledge and skills to provide high quality care to individual patients. Through an integrated curriculum focused on quality, leadership, healthcare systems and population health, our residency consistently achieves its mission to prepare physicians capable of delivering high quality, patient-centered care and lead innovations in healthcare delivery.

A unique med-peds training opportunity can best be showcased through our adult and pediatric complex care clinics, created and directed by Thomas W. Davis, MD, (Geisinger med-peds graduate 2012), and Michaelyn Notz, DO, (Geisinger med-peds graduate 2011). These multidisciplinary clinics function as a medical home for all patients with complex medical illnesses and allows them to transition from pediatric to adult services. The clinics specialize in patients with complex genetic and chromosomal disorders including technology dependence and multisystem diseases. The clinics work on the principles of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Quadruple Aim by improving the patient experience, the health of an underserved population and reducing healthcare utilization. Established in July 2012, the clinics have evaluated more than 750 patients and have reduced the total number of unplanned hospitalizations, the need for specialty care and emergency department utilization.

Another advantage of completing med-peds residency training at Geisinger is our ability to leverage resources from our innovative healthcare system to educate future physicians. Integrating learners into a clinical learning environment at the forefront of healthcare delivery ensures development of physicians that can participate and become leaders in our ever-evolving healthcare landscape. Our med-peds graduates fulfill Geisinger’s mission of providing exceptional care to adult and pediatric patients as physician leaders, clinician educators, primary care physicians, hospitalists or subspecialists, both locally and nationally.

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Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency