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Our president & dean 

A message from Julie Byerley, MD, MPH

My goal has always been to approach health professions, education, research and training pragmatically, considering it from the twin perspectives of what a practitioner needs to know and what the community needs them to know. 

Medicine, healthcare and health-related research are most effective when informed by a deep understanding of the interplay of neighborhood, income and education — all the internal and external factors that influence health and well-being. 

When it comes to educating the healthcare teams of the future, there’s more to know in medicine than one can ever learn. We must set priorities about what we’re going to demand from each learner or student and how we best prepare them to serve patients and populations. To state it succinctly, Geisinger believes, as I do, that we must make better health easier for our patients

Our School of Medicine’s Total Health Curriculum delivers a unique, distinct medical education that leverages Geisinger’s acclaimed clinical and technological strengths — including its international prominence in genetics and genomics.

Our nursing and medical schools emphasize early clinical exposure and hands-on learning. Clinical learning is infused with community immersion and health-system citizenship, so our students learn how to navigate the complexities of healthcare while always maintaining a focus on the immediate needs of those they serve.

We’re dedicated to providing education that will make all our learners leaders of healthcare teams of the future. In addition to its ADN and MD degrees, Geisinger College offers a master of biomedical sciences (MBS) degree

We have more than 600 trainees in 45 graduate medical education residency programs and offer 35 advanced fellowships, from addiction medicine to vascular surgery. 

Our faculty are not only expert nurses, clinicians and teachers, but also scientists making discoveries that will improve health locally and beyond. Much of our research is translational and focuses on precision health implications for improving people’s lives.  

Geisinger College graduates are known for their brilliance and caring — authenticity coupled with superior clinical skills and knowledge. This is what a pragmatic approach to medical education delivers. If this is the future health professional you’d like to be, Geisinger College is the place to learn.

Julie Byerley, MD, MPH
President, Geisinger College of Health Sciences
Dean, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine
Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Geisinger 



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