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Profile: The Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine Class of 2027

Geisinger Commonwealth’s Class of 2027 is diverse, academically gifted and community minded. We have students of many different ages and backgrounds hailing from northeastern and central Pennsylvania and beyond. We’re excited to welcome this next generation of caregivers!

New student profile (115 students)


Pennsylvania icon 65% are residents of PA, and 29% are from Geisinger Commonwealth counties.

Tractor icon 5% are from rural counties.


Graduation cap icon 15% are the first in their families to graduate college. 

19 percent come from disadvantaged backgrounds 19% come from disadvantaged communities. 32% are E01/E02 status (AAMC education/occupation indicators).

12 percent come from communities underrepresented in medicine 12% come from communities underrepresented in medicine.

54 percent are women 54% are women, 44.3% are men and 1.7% are another gender identity.

23 is the average age of our class 23 is the average age of our class — we range from 21 to 32! 


Grade A icon An average undergraduate GPA of 3.79, an average undergraduate science GPA of 3.74 and an average undergraduate all other GPA of 3.87.

Medical College Admissions Test An average MCAT score of 511 — the 81st percentile!

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