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College of
Health Sciences



  • Daniel Ford, DDS, University of Utah
  • Joseph Lee, DMD, University of Kentucky
  • Robert Leonard, DDS, University of Maryland
  • Kelsey Romanowski, DDS, University at Buffalo


  • Erin Cashman, DMD, University of Pennsylvania 
  • Shanza Noeen, DMD, Boston University
  • Tanya Sehgal, DMD, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Rupini Shukla, DDS, MPH, University of Maryland 

Scholarly activity


  • Molar Incisor Hypomineralization: Etiological Factors in Central Pennsylvania. Alam SJ, Popova M, Malik G. Presented at AAPD Orlando, FL, May 2023
  • Success Rates of Hall Crowns vs Conventional Stainless Steel Crowns. Raso MT, Williams LN, Frank K, Malik G. Presented at AAPD Orlando, FL, May 2023
  • MNTI: Case Report of a Rare Neoplasm. Yacoub MM, Stinton NM, Shupak RP. Presented at AAPD Orlando, FL, May 2023

Resident testimonials

“The pediatric dental residency here at Geisinger is second to none. It offers so much clinical and patient experience right from day one. The faculty and attendings are very knowledgeable, experienced and kind. There is a great work/life balance while still offering all of the experience and education that I have been seeking in a pediatric dental residency. I am very pleased with my experience here at Geisinger."
Daniel Ford, DDS, Class of 2024

“Geisinger stood out for me because of the overall well-rounded and comprehensive experience and education that residents receive. This results in a strong role in providing the best dental care for the surrounding underserved communities. In addition, the residents have a close relationship with the attendings which makes for a fun and rewarding learning experience as well.“
Joseph Lee, DMD, Class of 2024

“Geisinger has anything I could have ever asked for in a pediatric dental program. The attendings and experiences I had here have gotten me prepared for the real world, where I feel very confident in my clinical skills, and to be able to face any challenges I may face in the future!”
Marko Yacoub, DMD, Class of 2023

“The pediatric dental training at Geisinger Medical Center is amazing. The extensive clinical training along with the didactics has prepared me for my career as a pediatric dentist. What I have appreciated the most is the support team from the educators and clinical team in truly building my foundation of pediatric dentistry.”
Pallavi Singh, DDS, Class of 2022

“One of the best places for care, with some of the best dentists with the best materials. They will take good care of you.”
J. Rock Wright, DDS, Class of 2022

“I chose Geisinger for the strong clinical experience that the program and hospital offers. The attendings have enriched and enhanced my knowledge for patient care tremendously! The patients and the staff have left a handprint on my heart. Clinically, I have seen so many things – some you only read about in textbooks – that have prepared me to enter the specialty of pediatric dentistry confidently!”
Lauren Yap, DMD, Class of 2022




  • Saiema Alam, DDS, University at Buffalo
  • Matthew Raso, DDS, Columbia University, New York
  • Marko Yacoub, DMD, Temple University


  • Pallavi D. Singh, DDS, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • J. Rockwell Wright, DDS, University of Maryland
  • Lauren Yap, DMD, Temple Kornberg School of Dentistry


  • Kareem Rabaa, DDS, University of Michigan
  • Siranjit Kaur, DMD, University of New England
  • Aimen Khaliq, DMD, University of Pennsylvania


  • Sarah Esmaili, DMD, Temple Kornberg School of Dentistry
  • Lacey Williams, DMD, University of Pittsburgh
  • Monika Patel, DMD, University of Louisville


  • Anne Shaffer, DMD, NOVA Southeastern
  • Harleen Sodhi, DMD, Tufts
  • Ashley Pollick, DMD, University of Illinois at Chicago


  • Priya Devan, DDS, University of Maryland
  • Colton Popp, DDS, University of Tennessee


  • Lesley Milton, DDS, University of Tennessee
  • Madhur Patil, DDS, Boston University


  • Aaron Bumann, DDS, University of Minnesota
  • Jacqueline Tuthill, DDS, SUNY at Buffalo


  • Jessica Campbell, DDS, SUNY at Buffalo
  • Courtney Davis, DDS, West Virginia University


  • Alison Gomes, DMD, New Hampshire
  • Rod Stern, DDS, New York


  • Joseph Guzzardi, DMD, Connecticut
  • Natalie Stinton, DMD, Geisinger Medical Center


  • Gayatri Malik, BDS, PhD, Temple University
  • Jennifer Nauman, DDS, New York
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