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Survey Research and Recruitment Core

The Survey Research and Recruitment Core (SRRC) provides support in the areas of research survey design and recruitment, telephone-based interviewing for scientific data collection, sample handling and data management for telephone-initiated recruitment and survey administration. The SRRC employs a pool of experienced research interviewers and offers computer-assisted telephone interviewing for patient screening, recruitment, clinical follow-up, survey administration and departmental quality assurance initiatives. The SRRC also provides focus group facilitation and facilities at the Henry Hood Center for Health Research. 

Services offered:

Survey research or recruitment design support

  • Planning recruitment, survey and focus group strategies
  • Developing a survey or recruitment script from concept or an initial draft
  • Editing and proofreading surveys for language, clarity, reduction of respondent fatigue and improved response rates

Survey research and recruitment telephone administration

  • Telephone administration of surveys by an experienced pool of SRRC research interviewers using a Windows-based Computer Aided Telephone interview system (WinCATI)
  • Coding of a survey or recruitment script into a platform that allows for telephone administration and data collection (via RedCap and/or WINCATI)
  • Management of the recruitment or survey sample, including the management of call attempts, call metrics and return calls from SRRC staff
  • Scheduling of study team visits, appointments or consent procedures connected to the research study
  • Management and reporting of data collected through call attempts

Our full-service research team uses trained professional staff, 12 computerized workstations and a focus group room. Staff can perform computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI), recruit for a focus group, field a web survey, enter data or distribute printed mail surveys.

To ensure the highest quality of data collection, interviewers complete a comprehensive training program focused on customer service and telephone etiquette, including courses required by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to help interviewers understand the sensitivity of research conducted with human subjects. Survey calling projects are monitored by management staff and interviewer performance statistics are evaluated.



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Alex Skitolsky
Supervisor, Survey Research and Recruitment Core
100 N. Academy Ave.
Danville, PA 17822

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