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Research Participant

What does it mean to be a research participant?

By participating in a research study at Geisinger, you are helping improve your care and the care of others. There are hundreds of studies happening at Geisinger, requiring varying levels of time and effort from participants.  Some require little time and effort. Others require anywhere from an hour or two to a long-term commitment of visits over weeks or even months.

If you are willing to participate in research, there are many study opportunities that do not require a lot of time or effort. MyCode is a good example:  when you consent to participate in MyCode, you only allow researchers to use information stored in your electronic medical record and provide a sample of your blood or saliva. This is usually done when you are already at a Geisinger facility for an appointment  

If you are interested in more active involvement, Geisinger seeks participants that will engage in research in many ways. For example, you could contribute to studies by responding to surveys, participating in focus groups or interviews, or joining a clinical trial to help determine if a new test or treatment works and is safe.

Why is it important?

Without you, your family and our community of participants that are willing to support our initiatives, Geisinger cannot conduct groundbreaking research that helps improve the care you and others receive. Regardless of the time and effort involved, your participation makes it possible for Geisinger researchers to develop new insights and new discoveries. 

Featured Opportunities

If you’re looking for an opportunity that involves little time or effort, consider enrolling in the MyCode® Community Health Initiative. Participating in MyCode requires only a sample of your blood or saliva and that you allow researchers access to information stored in your electronic medical record. If you would like to join or have a question about MyCode®, call toll-free at 844-798-1687 or email

Interested in having a higher level of involvement with a research study? You may want to join our Standing Survey Participant Pool. If you’d like to be added to our standing list of willing active participants for survey research, email our team at

Interested in finding other studies that you could join as a participant?

Use our “Find a Study” application to see many of the research initiatives happening across the Geisinger system.

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"We would absolutely join another study. It was such a great experience working with the Geisinger team, we love coming here!"