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College of
Health Sciences

Admission requirements


  1. The student must complete the following premedical course requirements in good standing:
    • General biology with laboratory (1 year/2 semesters)
    • General inorganic chemistry with laboratory (1 year/2 semesters)
    • Organic chemistry with laboratory (1 year/2 semesters)
    • General physics with laboratory (1 year/2 semesters)
    • English and English composition (1 semester)

    Online coursework will not be accepted. (Courses taken online due to COVID-19 may be considered.)

    All pre-requisite course grades must be passing.

    • The student must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States at time of application.

    • The student must have received their bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. or Canadian institution prior to matriculation.

    • Students must submit an MCAT score no more than three years old at time of application.

    • The student must complete all required criminal background checks and drug screens. Once a student is accepted to Geisinger Commonwealth, Certiphi Screening, Inc. will contact the student via email about the criminal background check process. The following checks are required by July 1 of the matriculating year: Criminal Background Check, Child Abuse History, Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History and FBI fingerprinting. Furthermore, applicants accepted to Geisinger Commonwealth must submit and satisfactorily complete a drug screening prior to matriculation and within the timeframe designated by the Office of Admissions. Geisinger Commonwealth’s Policy on Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening can be found here.

    • Any legal or academic actions taken against the student from the time of application submission to AMCAS and matriculation at Geisinger Commonwealth must be reported to the Admissions Office at Geisinger Commonwealth by the student.

    • The student’s attendance at Geisinger Commonwealth’s orientation program is mandatory.

    • The student must meet Geisinger Commonwealth’s Technical Standards with or without a reasonable accommodation. Any student with a disability must provide medical documentation detailing the disability and the type of accommodation needed to meet Geisinger Commonwealth’s Technical Standards. Depending on the need for the accommodation, the Accessibilities Committee will review the information supplied by the student to determine their ability to meet the Geisinger Commonwealth’s Technical Standards with reasonable accommodations. 

    It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they have met all of the above requirements. Failure to do so may result in the rescinding of the admission offer.


    We understand that many institutions moved courses online during the pandemic. Though we typically don’t accept courses taken remotely, the Admissions Committee has made an exception for COVID-19. We also accept pass/fail grades for semesters impacted by the pandemic.

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