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Dermatologist Doctor helping a patient

Dermatology Residency

Keep patients healthy for the long term. A dermatology residency with Geisinger will show you how.

About us

Become a capable, confident clinical dermatologist who will easily transition to general practice, fellowship or academic practice when you train with Geisinger's Dermatology Residency. With approximately 20 on-site teaching staff, including five Mohs surgeons and seven dermatopathologists, you’ll work with subspecialists across the spectrum of dermatology. And as a resident or fellow here, you and your peers will be the leaders of tomorrow.

While we encourage clinical research, our primary focus is resident education and providing exceptional patient care. Because we believe in continuity of care, you’ll spend an average of three days a week in continuity clinic each year. Our system is large enough that you’ll care for patients with a wide variety of pathologies, including common and uncommon dermatologic conditions.

What we offer: 

  • Work-life balance
  • Benefits of a modern tertiary hospital in a safe, beautiful rural environment
  • Small-town lifestyle with cutting-edge medicine

Benefits of our training program:

  • Faculty-run daily didactics
  • Continuity clinic
  • Easy access to our teaching faculty
  • One full day of dedicated academic time each week
  • Numerous opportunities to teach students and residents
  • Mohs, dermpath and pediatric subspecialists on-site
  • Inpatient consultative dermatology
  • Opportunities for clinical research
  • Opportunities for internal and external electives
  • Moonlighting

Eric Hossler, MD, program director

Message from the program director

Welcome! In perusing our site, you’ll see why we’re so proud of our resident educational curriculum. As program director, it’s my job to make sure you’re getting the highest-quality education while we provide the best personalized care for our patients. Our faculty is dedicated to teaching a strong didactic program across the breadth of dermatology.

Here, you’ll learn the value of continuity of care. You will follow your patients through three years of residency, focusing on the long-term management of patients and their illnesses. Almost all your training happens in Danville, allowing for an emphasis on continuity and didactics.

Several qualities set our program apart:


From your first day in clinic, you will see your own patients and perform your own biopsies and surgeries. You'll follow your patients for the duration of your residency. Shadowing is purposely kept to a minimum, because the best way to learn is by doing. Our goal is to train you to be a capable, comfortable, well-rounded clinician, to take care of adult and pediatric patients, to perform cutaneous surgery and to understand the concepts of continuing medical education.

Focus on teaching and education

We have more than a dozen dedicated teaching faculty members on the Danville campus. Each morning, one or more of them provide guidance and expertise on a topic at our didactic conference. Our conferences focus on diverse topics, reflecting the clinical interests of the faculty: general dermatology, pediatric dermatology, dermatologic surgery, cosmetics, inpatient dermatology and dermatopathology.

Breadth of education

Despite our rural location, you will care for patients with various pathologies — including genetic disorders, neoplasia, connective tissue disease, infections and cosmetic needs. We have numerous faculty members with subspecialty training, including seven dermatopathologists, five dermatologic surgeons and two pediatric dermatologists — all of which means abundant exposure for you to each of these fields. Opportunities for fellowships in Mohs and dermatopathology are also available on site.


Danville is a unique and wonderful place to train. Opportunities for outdoor recreation are endless, the cost of living is low and traffic is nonexistent. And if you need a jolt of urban life, weekend getaways to larger cities are easy.

We have an incredible group of bright residents who are great to work with. Come visit our campus or contact us with any questions you have about Geisinger Dermatology.

Eric Hossler, MD, FAAD
Program Director, Dermatology

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