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College of
Health Sciences

Center for Learning Excellence 

Master of Biomedical Sciences

At the Center for Learning Excellence (CLE), you’ll find academic support to enhance your interpersonal and educational experiences as a Geisinger Master of Biomedical Sciences student. 

Individual academic coaching is offered on a flexible schedule to accommodate various time zones and lifestyles. You’ll meet with your coach to identify the services and support to put in place to help you attain your highest potential. Progress monitoring is managed with regular check-in meetings with you and your CLE Advisor.

Every MBS course has an assigned teaching assistant (TA) who provides tutoring services and support through group and individual meetings. The TAs are all graduates of the program and understand the subject and how to best succeed in each course.

CLE services available:


Academic support

Academic coaching: Individual academic support is provided in time management, stress and anxiety reducing techniques, higher-level study skills, organization, study guide construction, memory techniques and test-taking strategies.

Tutoring: Teaching assistants offer one-on-one individual meetings as well as study group tutoring sessions. TAs also hold pre-test reviews before exams and offer post-test review of material missed — all at no additional cost to you. Faculty are available to help you with course content through office hours and online discussions of the classes they teach.

Workshops: CLE staff provide workshops to help you with academic organization and study strategies to support your goals.

Professional skill development: CLE staff facilitate workshops and one-on-one meetings to help you develop your professional skills.

Accessibility services

Having a diverse group of students in our classrooms makes the learning environment more engaging, dynamic and rich and results in stronger learning outcomes. As a Geisinger Master of Biomedical Sciences student, each of you come to our classrooms with a unique set of needs and abilities, including physical, psychological and cognitive differences. Accessible teaching and learning environments make sure our diverse student body has effective and meaningful access to educational materials, teaching methods, learning experiences, assessments and communications from the instructor.

If you have a documented disability (or think you may have a disability) and need reasonable accommodations, contact Peggy Farley at To receive academic or non-academic accommodations, you must be appropriately registered with the CLE. The CLE works with you confidentially and does not disclose any disability-related information without your permission.

Learn more about Geisinger College of Health Sciences’ Master of Biomedical Sciences program. 

Have questions? Contact Peggy Farley, Academic Support Services Team Lead, School of Graduate Education

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