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College of
Health Sciences

Alfred Casale
Chair, Geisinger Heart Institute

Cardiovascular Center for Clinical Research
1000 E. Mountain Drive
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711 
Phone: 570-808-6017
Fax: 570-8082306

Alfred S Casale, MD

Research Interests

Dr. Casale was instrumental in designing Geisinger's ProvenCare program as a model for effective redesign of complex acute surgical care, using comparative effectiveness principles to generate value and reduce unwarranted variation. Dr. Casale continues to evolve and create innovative care and reimbursement models as part of Geisinger’s Innovation team and disseminate them as part of its Consulting Group. 

Recent Publications

  • Slotkin JR, Casale AS , Steele GD Jr, Toms SA. (2012, July). Reengineering acute episodic and chronic care delivery: the Geisinger Health System experience. Journal of Neurosurgery , 33(1), E16.
  • Berry SA, Doll MC, McKinley KE, Casale AS , Bothe A Jr. (2009, Oct). ProvenCare: quality improvement model for designing highly reliable care in cardiac surgery. Qual Saf Health Care , 18(5), 360-8. Full Text
  • Casale AS , Paulus RA, Selna MJ, Doll MC, Bothe AE Jr, McKinley KE, Berry SA, Davis DE, Gilfillan RJ, Hamory BH, Steele GD Jr.. (2007, October). 'ProvenCareSM': a provider-driven pay-for-performance program for acute episodic cardiac surgical care. Ann Surg , 246(4), 613-21. Full Text
  • Gaissert HA, Casale AS , Creswell LL, Ferguson TB Jr, Fullerton DA, Kernstine KH, McMullan DM, Ring WS, Putnam JB Jr; Society of Thoracic Surgeons Workforce on Clinical Trials. (2004, May). Mentoring clinical trials in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery: a new role for the society of thoracic surgeons . The Annals of Thoracic Surgery , 77(5) 1874-1875. Full Text


MD, Johns Hopkins University, 1988
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