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College of
Health Sciences

Dan Davis
Senior Investigator
Chief Bioethics Office
Professor and Director, Center for Translational Bioethics and Health Care Policy

B225, GOB1, 30-42
100 North Academy Avenue
Danville, PA 17822
Phone: 570-214-7340

F. Daniel (Dan) Davis, PhD

Research Interests

Over the past several decades but especially in the last ten years or so, patient-engaged research and care have become a focus of intensified organizational effort—and of ethical analysis and reflection.  Over the course of 30 plus years in bioethics, my own interests have evolved—and increasingly, gelled—around a cluster of individual and organizational capacities, essential to realizing the norms of patient-engaged care and research in day-to-day practice:

  • The moral and ethical formation of health care professionals and the crucial importance that communicative and relational competence plays in ethical practice
  • The capacity of health care professionals to bring mindfulness, practical wisdom, and compassion to the challenges of caring for patients with advanced illness and the at the end of life
  • The capacity of health care organizations to build and sustain cultures of respect, safety and trust and to design and successfully implement interprofessional models of care
  • The capacity of health care organizations to become patient-engaged and patient-centered learning health care systems, explicitly aligned with the National Academy of Medicine (formerly, the Institute of Medicine) model

Recent Publications

  • W.A. Psek, R.A. Stametz, L.D. Bailey-Davis, F. Daniel Davis, J. Darer, W.A. Faucett, D.L. Henninger, D.C. Sellers, and G. Gerrity, “Operationalizing the Learning Health Care System in an Integrated Delivery System.” eGEMS (Generating Evidence & Methods to Improve Patient Outcomes) 3 (2015) Issue 1/6.
  • J.D. Darer, D.N. Clarke, A.C. Sees, A.L., A.L. Berger, H.L. Kirchner, R.A. Stametz, and F. Daniel Davis, “Assessing the Quality of Death and Dying in an Integrated Health Care System in Rural Pennsylvania.” Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 50 (2015): 343-349.
  • W. Andrew Faucett and F. Daniel Davis, “How Geisinger Made the Case for An Institutional Duty to Return Genomic Results to Biobank Participants.” Applied and Translational Genomics published online 1 February 2016.
  • David J. Carey, Samantha N. Fetterolf, F. Daniel Davis, William A. Faucett, H. Lester Kirchner, Uyenlinh Mirshahi, Michael F. Murray, Diane T. Smelser, Gleen S. Gerhard, and David H. Ledbetter, “The Geisinger MyCode Community Health Initiative:  An Electronic Health Record-Linked Biobank for Precision Medicine Research.” Genetics in Medicine published online 11 February 2016.
  • Wayne Psek, F. Daniel Davis, Gloria Gerrity, Rebecca Stametz, Lisa Bailey-Davis, Deb Henninger, Dorothy Sellers, and Jonathan Darer, “Leadership Perspectives on Operationalizing the Learning Health Care System in an Integrated Delivery System.” eGEMS (Generating Evidence & Methods to Improve Patient Outcomes) 4 (2016) Issue 3/6.


PhD, Philosophy, May 1996
Specialization:  Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Georgetown University

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