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College of
Health Sciences

Jove Graham

Associate Professor, Geisinger Center for Pharmacy Innovation and Outcomes
Associate Professor, Geisinger Research, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

Center for Health Research
100 North Academy Avenue
Danville, PA 17822
Phone: (570) 214-9578
Fax: 570-214-9451

Jove Graham, PhD

Research Interests

I am a Ph.D. engineer-by-training with a math/analytic background who is interested in improving the healthcare system and healthcare outcomes in the United States.  There are many unanswered questions in healthcare that traditional, prospective, randomized controlled trials are very unlikely to be able to answer in our lifetime, and so my particular interest is leveraging the types of “big data” (electronic health records, claims, billing, other databases) in other ways in order to test theories and gain insight about patient care.  Questions around medication adherence, medication persistence, treatment effectiveness, and continuity of care are just some examples of the specific applications we are examining here.  As a statistician on many Geisinger-led studies, my primary interest is learning and developing new and better ways to compare therapies or new programs when no obvious control group exists, and to reduce the effects of confounding variables and other sources of bias.  I also have a strong interest in data standards, having worked with several Distributed Research Networks for the purpose leveraging existing datasets for large-scale multi-site observational studies of clinical effectiveness.



Recent Publications

  • Drozda JP Jr, Graham J, Muhlestein JB, Tcheng JE, Roach J, Forsyth T, Knight S, McKinnon A, May H, Wilson NA, Berlin JA, Simard EP. Multi-institutional distributed data networks for real-world evidence about medical devices: building unique device identifiers into longitudinal data (BUILD). JAMIA Open. 2022 May 25;5(2):ooac035. Full Text
  • Graham J, Novosat T, Sun H, Piper BJ, Boscarino JA, Kern MS, Hayduk VA, Wright EA, Beck C, Robinson RL, Casey E, Hall J, Dorling P. Associations of Healthcare Utilization and Costs with Increasing Pain and Treatment Intensity Levels in Osteoarthritis Patients: An 18-Year Retrospective Study. Rheumatol Ther (2022). 2022 May 10. Full Text
  • Jones LK, Ladd IG, Gregor C, Evans MA, Graham J, Gionfriddo MR. Evaluating implementation outcomes (acceptability, adoption, and feasibility) of two initiatives to improve the medication prior authorization process. BMC Health Serv Res. 2021 Nov 20;21(1):1259. Full Text
  • Krupka DC, Graham J, Wilson NA, Li A, Landman AB, Bhatt DL, Nguyen LL, Reich AJ, Gupta A, Zerhouni YA, Capatch KJ, Concheri KP, Weissman JS. Transmitting Device Identifiers of Implants From the Point of Care to Insurers: A Demonstration Project. J Patient Saf. 2021 Apr 1;17(3):223-230. Full Text


M.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 1997-2000
Ph.D. Bioengineering, University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco, 1997-2002

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