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College of
Health Sciences

Geisinger-Shamokin Area Community Hospital
4200 Hospital Rd
Coal Township, PA 17866
Phone: 570-271-5129
Fax: 570-214-9718

Geisinger Medical Center
100 N Academy Ave
Danville, PA 17822
Phone: 570-271-6320
Fax: 570-214-9013Geisinger-Shamokin Area Community Hospital
4200 Hospital Rd.
Coal Township, PA 17866
Phone: 570-271-5129
Fax: 570-214-9718

Chulhyun Ahn, MD

Research Interests

Dr. Ahn’s research interests include biomechanics of the human musculoskeletal system both at organism and tissue level; control theoretic approach to understanding human motor control and motor learning behaviors; and developing novel assistive technologies for neuromuscular rehabilitation and physiatric pain management.

Recent Publications

  • O'Young B, Gosney J, Ahn C. The concept and epidemiology of disability. Phys Med Rehabil Clin N Am. 2019 Nov;30(4):697-707.
  • Salcido R, Lee A, Ahn C. Heel pressure ulcers: purple heel and deep tissue injury. Adv Skin Wound Care. 2011 Aug;24(8):374-80.
  • Salcido R, Ahn C, Wu SS, Goldman, RJ. Prevention and management of chronic wounds. In: Braddom RL, editor. Physical medicine and rehabilitation. 4th ed. Philadelphia: Saunders; 2011. p. 683-712.
  • Park HS, Ahn C, Fung DT, Ren Y, Zhang LQ. A knee-specific finite element analysis of the human anterior cruciate ligament impingement against the femoral intercondylar notch. J Biomech. 2010;43(10):2039-2042.


  • MD, Seoul National University College of Medicine, 1999-2004

  • Residency, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, 2010-2014
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