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Leadership and committees


Executive Director

Leadership Council Chair

Leadership Council Vice Chair


Education Specialist

 Leadership Council

The Leadership Council will provide oversight to the Geisinger Academy of Educators and will have 11 voting members.

  •  Nicole Woll, PhD, Med – Executive director
  •  Rob Cooney, MD, MSMedEd – Leadership council chair
  • April Morgan, Med – Leadership council vice chair
  • Jodie Reider, MD – Faculty development advisory committee chair
  • Rebecca Hoffman, MD – Educational scholarship committee chair
  • Brytanie Marshall, MD – Mentoring & advising committee chair
  • Kendra Boell, DO, MBA, CPE – Teaching awards committee chair
  • Halle Ellison, MD, MAS PSHQ, FACS – Criteria, standards & membership committee chair
  • Thomas Davis, MD – Member at-large representative
  • Daniel Longyhore, PharmD, EdD – Member at-large representative
  • Shubhra Shetty, MD – Member at-large representative


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Faculty Development Advisory Committee

The charge of the Faculty Development Advisory Committee is to enhance teaching skills and innovation in education to support all learning environments.
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Educational Scholarship Committee

The charge of the Educational Scholarship Committee is to increase resources and support for scholarship to further improve the educational mission.

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Mentoring & Advising Committee

The charge of the Mentoring & Advising Committee is to support and accelerate educator advancement and provide positive impact to educator role.
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Teaching Awards Committee

The charge of the Teaching Awards Committee is to improve the recognition, status and identity of educators across the system.
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Criteria, Standards & Membership Committee

The charge of the Criteria, Standards & Membership Committee is to guide criteria for Academy membership, standards of professionalism and bylaws.
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