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Faculty Senate




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Institutional senators (2022-2023, 2023-2024)

Cancer: Lauren E. Nichols, MD
• DME: William A. McLaughlin, PhD
• Diagnostic Medicine: Salman S. Mirza, DO
• Heart and Vascular: Martin E. Matsumura, MD
• Medicine: Mark F. Olaf, DO
• Musculoskeletal: Edward M.DelSole, MD
• Neuroscience: Darren L. Jacobs, DO
• Surgery: Paul Covello, DDS
• Women and Children’s: Brytanie N. Marshall, MD
• Department of Population Health: Michael A. Kovalick, DO
• Research: Vanessa Troiani, PhD

Regional senators (2022-2023, 2023-2024)

North: John S. Farrell, MD
• Central: Kyle A. Marshall, MD
• South: Clemens M. Schirmer, MD, PhD
• West: Sabrina Whitehurst, MD
• Guthrie: Laura Leonard, MD
• AtlantiCare:

At-large senators (2022-2023, 2023-2024)

Madiha M. Alvi, MD
• Kendra Boell, DO, MBA, CPE
• Matthew Desciak, MD
• Renee Frank, MD
• Swathi M. Gowtham, MD
• Victor O. Kolade, MD, MS
• Sarah Kwan, MD, FACP
• Silviu Marica, MD, FACS, FSVS, RPVI
• Jean Miner, MD, MHA, MMEL, FACS
• Laura Morton Newhouser, DO, FAAFP
• Susan Russell, MD
• Alvin K. Sharma, MD
• Mark Shelly, MD
• Margrit Shoemaker, MD, FACP
• Pugazhendhi Vijayaraman, MD
• Keith Willner, MD
• Li Zhang, MD, PhD

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