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College of
Health Sciences

Center for Student Affairs and Engagement

The Center for Student Affairs and Engagement supports the Division of Student Affairs’ mission by fostering a positive learning community using a student-centered approach to personal and professional development. As the principal advisor for events, student councils and groups, the center promotes the qualities of leadership and service and prepares students for careers in the medical and health related fields.

Learning communities

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine has established a learning community model to support your personal and professional growth with a longitudinal connection to a community of learning. This model supports you through a developmental and proactive approach to maximize your potential by providing differential assistance and a community of faculty, interprofessional staff and peers to engage you in your personal and professional development. 

In the learning community model, you’ll: 

  • Take part in interactive learning community team activities/touchpoints through the year
  • Participate in a virtual communication platform to promote and encourage interactions in real time with your peers, regional campus team and learning community
  • Engage in a positive learning environment that supports the formal and hidden curriculum

For more information on learning communities, contact Julia Kolcharno, MA, at or 570-504-9635.

Leadership development

The Leadership Institute provides you with the knowledge, skills and tools to demonstrate leadership and service and prepares you for a career in medical and health-related fields.

For more information on the Leadership Institute, contact Kelsey Savka, MS, at

Contact us

Julia A. Kolcharno, MA
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Geisinger College of Health Sciences
Medical Sciences Building, 3071 East

Kelsey Savka, MS
Assistant Director of Student Affairs
Medical Sciences Building

Student groups

Student groups can enhance your quality of life and the college community. They give you the chance to participate in academic, cultural, social and athletic activities that help you develop knowledge, skills, values and attitudes expected from healthcare professionals.

The Center for Student Affairs and Engagement is always interested in meeting student needs. We work collaboratively with the Medical Student Council, the governing board, to welcome suggestions for starting new groups. If you’re interested in connecting with someone about Geisinger College of Health Sciences student groups, reach out to Kelsey Savka, MS, at

Awards/honor society-related clubs

•  Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society (AOA)
•  Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS)

GCHS student groups

•  Affinity groups 
•  Service groups
•  Social groups
•  Special interest groups
•  Specialty medicine-related groups
•  Sports/wellness-related groups

For the most up to date list of student groups, reach out to Kelsey Savka at

Student governments

•  Graduate student council
•  Medical student council
•  Nursing student council (coming soon)

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