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College of
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Center for Student Wellness

The Center for Student Wellness offers programs to support your holistic well-being across eight areas:

Physical wellness icon Physical

Emotional wellness icon Emotional

Social wellness icon Social

Spiritual wellness icon Spiritual

Intellectual wellness icon Intellectual

Occupational wellness Occupational

Environmental wellness icon Environmental

Financial wellness icon Financial

If you’re a current student, learn more through the links below, which lead to the Center for Student Wellness SharePoint site. Login is required.


Wellness areas and resources


Health Coaching – Free health coaching is available to all students through TimelyCare. Log in to TimelyCare to schedule a session. Health coaches are board-certified health and wellness coaches or registered dietitians. They help students stay healthy and can work with them to address issues such as exercise, sleep habits, nutrition, blood pressure, mindfulness, weight management, healthy eating behaviors, healthy body image or meal planning.

Visit Student Health Services (SHS).

Wake Up and Learn – This school-based program helps students get better quality sleep using short online screenings and real-time feedback. To learn more or sign up, visit Wake Up and Learn


Emotional wellness focuses on understanding feelings, gaining coping skills and creating satisfying relationships. Resources include:

Formal counseling services offered through Student Health Services (SHS), TimelyCare or community providers
Virtual, on-demand meditations through TimelyCare
The CARE Team, a group of faculty and staff who provide support and referral services for any student with stress. Anyone can place a CARE Team referral through the form. Students can learn more about the CARE Team (login required).

Early Alert – Students who opt in receive a weekly text asking them to rate their wellness. Communication is confidential unless there’s a safety concern. Based on a student’s self-reported rating, they’ll be provided with resources. And crisis counseling is available 24/7/365.

Find emotional wellness resources.


Social wellness involves maintaining relationships with family and friends. The Nursing Student Council works with stakeholders across the school to enhance the quality of student life and the school community.

Find social wellness resources.


Spiritual wellness focuses on expanding our sense of purpose and meaning in life. Our resources include:

  • A chapel and prayer room at Geisinger Lewistown Hospital
  • A calendar of religious events and holidays

Find spiritual wellness resources.


Intellectual wellness focuses on recognizing our abilities and expanding our knowledge and skills. Resources include:

  • Faculty support
  • The Center for Learning Excellence, which provides accessibility support services for all students
  • Health Sciences Library, which offers robust services to support research
Find intellectual wellness resources.

Occupational wellness is the personal satisfaction you gain from work. It’s supported by the Division of Student Affairs, which provides coaching on:

  • Goal setting and self-reflection
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Development of competitive resumes and cover letters
  • Participation in mock interviews

Environmental wellness refers to how surroundings support well-being.

Find environmental wellness resources.


The Office of Financial Aid supports you with financial planning and debt management.

Find financial wellness resources.

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