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Sim center curriculum 

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine's Clinical Skills and Simulation Center supports the MD program curriculum through clinical skills teaching and simulations.

Clinical skills teaching using standardized patients

  • Communication skills
  • Interviewing skills
  • Physical exam sessions
  • Complex communication sessions
    • Teach back method
    • Breaking bad news
    • The adolescent interview
    • The depressed elder
    • The sexual history 

Simulations in Phase 1

  • Utilize high-fidelity simulators
    • SimMan® 3G
    • Standardized patient
    • Hybrid simulation
  • Give clinical context to the basic science concepts.
  • Integrated scenarios support the curriculum.

Academic support to the MD program curriculum

  • Skills refresher course - Phase 2 students who are returning from a LOA
  • OSCE remediation
  • Boot camp for EM during Transition to Residency - Support to EM rotations in Phase 3

Support MD program clinical skills assessments:

  • Phase 1: Principles of Medical Science & Practice 
    • Formative structured clinical exams (12)
    • Summative structured clinical exams (3-station)
  • Phase 2: Core Clinical Immersion
    • Formative 6-station OSCE
    • Summative 9-station OSCE 
  • Phase 3: Career Differentiation & Exploration
    • Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs)
    • 6-patient encounters
    • 4-exercises 

Provide trainings for medical students

  • Vaccine administration skills lab
  • Basic life support certification using RQI
  • Stop the Bleed 
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