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Systems, Society and Humanism in Medicine

Systems, society and humanism in medicine

The integration of six longitudinal themes into our Total Health Curriculum is one of its biggest strengths. 

Our focus on these themes transforms you into a socially accountable leader in the healthcare system and your community. The themes foster your development as a compassionate and adaptable physician dedicated to a person-centered approach to improving the health and well-being of the patients and communities you serve. 

Social justice and health equity

Builds awareness and recognition of historic inequities in medicine to establish the next generation of physicians as agents of change. You’ll learn to recognize your own biases and practice cultural humility in your interaction with patients and colleagues.

Health system citizenship

Prepares you as a future doctor to contribute to quality improvement, participate in early adoption of technology and function in team-based models of care for improved patient care and healthcare delivery. This theme delves into healthcare delivery science and leverages the strength of Geisinger’s value-based care model to focus on system improvement.

Primary care

Focuses attention on the most critical health need in the nation and centers your approach as a future physician on wellness and disease prevention, regardless of medical specialty.

Personal and professional development

Supplies you with the tools, skills and knowledge necessary to promote lifelong learning and skill development, personal wellness and career growth.

Community immersion

Enables you to develop meaningful relationships with the community through partnerships with local patients, families and agencies. You’ll engage in service learning with mentorship by community leaders and patients.

Population health

Leverages Geisinger’s signature programs to introduce you to successful models that recognize and mitigate the social determinants of health that affect individual patients, neighborhoods, communities and populations.

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