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A place that gives you opportunity and takes your breath away.

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Residencies and fellowships

Geisinger's list of residency and fellowship programs is continuously growing and includes a variety of specialties and subspecialties.

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A place where you can lead a healthy lifestyle and follow your dreams.
A place where you have a seat at the table and also can stand what you believe in.
A place where you'll find open minds and wide open spaces.

In 1912, Abigail Geisinger revealed her dream of building a hospital for the town of Danville, Pa., as a tribute to her late husband George. In the past, it had been necessary to transport the sick and injured from Danville to the nearest hospitals in Bloomsburg or Sunbury. On Sept. 12, 1915, the dream became reality when the doors of the George F. Geisinger Memorial Hospital accepted it first patient in the midst of a typhoid epidemic. (Photo courtesy of Geisinger Archives)

Geisinger Medical Center opens in Danville, Pa., and quickly arranges to have graduate medical interns. This will be the genesis for all the current residencies and fellowships. Currently, we have over 500 learners. (Photo courtesy of Geisinger Archives)

Walter Gemmill is the first resident/intern. He remained as a resident physician until May 1916, then again from December 1917 – July 1918. Dr. Gemmill practiced ophthalmology, otology, laryngology and rhinology in Monessen, Pa. (Photo courtesy of Geisinger Archives; Dr. Gemmill pictured center with dark jacket)

The first education program at Geisinger to provide continuing medical education credits was in primary care. This process is now run through our Continuing Professional Development team and has over 45,000 participants in regularly scheduled series. (Photo courtesy of Geisinger Archives)

Geisinger Education and Medical Simulation program begins. In 2014, SimMom® is purchased and in 2015, SimBaby™ becomes available to our learners. Standardized patient program starts in 2016.

The Commonwealth Medical College integrates into the Geisinger family, becoming Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine.

The first cohort of the Medical Education Certificate Course (MECC) graduates. The goal of MECC is to help participants develop foundational skills in medical education.

Geisinger celebrates the 25th anniversary of Resident and Fellow Scholarship Days.

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Living in our area

The central and northeastern Pennsylvania region offers

  • Mountain biking, fishing, hiking, camping, skiing and boating
  • Several large and small colleges and universities
  • Minor league and amateur sporting events
  • Orchestral and choral music, drama and other cultural events
  • Concerts and arena concert venues
  • Fine dining as well as cafes, coffee houses and ethnic restaurants
  • Quaint towns, local festivals, antique and boutique shopping
  • Good schools, safe neighborhoods, quiet streets
  • Affordable, upscale housing
  • Reasonable commutes to major metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia, New York City and Washington, D.C.

Susquehanna River Valley

ricketts glen
With picturesque scenery, exceptionally high quality of life and a low cost of living, the Susquehanna River Valley offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. It’s also home to Geisinger’s central region, which includes Danville. 

Northeast Pennsylvania

A choice of serene, rural or suburban areas is within easy commuting distance of northeast Pennsylvania’s two larger cities — Scranton and Wilkes-Barre.

Central Pennsylvania

state college
This peaceful, four-county area is home to Geisinger’s western region and includes Big Valley, Centre County and the Juniata River Valley. Perfect for adventure seekers and outdoor lovers alike, the region offers a rural backdrop, picturesque landscapes and the beloved college town of Penn State, which is filled with restaurants and shops. 

Strategic priorities

Better begins with all of us - Doctors looking at an ultrasound

Managing total health
Growing our share of risk membership and enhancing our ability to manage the at-risk population

  • Geisinger Health Plan
    Our 500,000+ member health plan known for its high-quality, affordable healthcare benefits.
  • 65 Forward
    Senior-focused primary care centers where physicians can focus on a patient panel size of up to 400, well below the national average panel size.
  • Geisinger at Home
    Team-based care that makes it easier to improve health by meeting patients where they are – right at home.
  • Intersection between care and coverage
    We’ve consistently demonstrated that closer alignment between Geisinger Health Plan and our healthcare providers benefits the communities we serve, resulting in 18% lower readmission rates, 7.9% lower cost of care, 10% better in cancer screenings and more.
  • Fresh Food Farmacy
    Groundbreaking program that uses food to provide life-saving alternatives to patients with diabetes.

Operational excellence
Achieving continuous improvement among measures of organizational health

  • Destination Medicine
    Geisinger cares for cardiac, spine, bariatric and joint replacement patients from across the country and has been consistently designated as a national leader for high quality, affordable care.
  • Geisinger Academy
    Engagement, professional development and retention is part of our commitment to you at Geisinger. The Geisinger Academy provides a continuum of learning opportunities including courses, certificates, master’s degrees, communities of practice and executive education. The Academy fosters the development of competencies and skills focused on teaching and learning, communication, management and leadership, scholarly activity and precision medicine. Curriculum is evidence based, holistic and focused on best practices and the future of health with Geisinger’s competency model woven throughout our diverse curriculum.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Council
    Built from a cross-section of employees across the system, this council ensures alignment with Geisinger’s mission of providing culturally competent care and developing and sustaining a diverse workforce.
  • Top patient satisfaction
    Geisinger providers consistently rank in the top 10 percent in patient experience nationally from Press Ganey survey results, which gives patients an opportunity to grade the service and care they received from a provider.
  • Employee engagement and retention
    We continually seek to improve in big and small ways and ensure our employees are an important part of our success:
    • We invest in your development with opportunities for mentorship, professional growth, and career advancement.
    • Our employee engagement surveys foster an environment of continuous listening and dialogue with our employees to enhance communication, provide more real-time feedback, and create a culture of broader transparency, shared accountability.
Leading health care change - Woman looking through microscope
In the service of caring - A woman talking to her doctor

Access and ease of use
Putting the consumer first by delivering the access, convenience and coordination they desire

  • Mail-order pharmacy
    • Prescriptions refilled to patients' homes every 90 days so they never have to worry about running out of their medications.
    • Growing retail and mail-order pharmacy to save patients money and promote better medication adherence.
  • Primary Care expansion and redesign
    • Support our communities with the growth of our network, facilities, and services to provide the best care.
    • Expanded care team: physicians work with a team of advanced practitioners, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and psychologists to better manage the health of patients.
  • Telemedicine
    Provides patients with access to specialty care and primary care from the comfort of their home.
  • Digital Strategy
    We have a comprehensive organizational strategy around digital transformation to provide a personalized, state-of-the-art consumer experience. Our commitment to providing our consumers easy access to manage their care ultimately leads to better clinical outcomes and increased customer satisfaction. 

Hear from some of our former residents

Michelle Thompson, MD

Robust clinical volumes with diverse patient pathophysiology along with exceptional clinical teaching first attracted me to Geisinger. I have stayed for the abundant opportunities that are increasingly present in our innovative healthcare system that allow ongoing professional development in education, informatics, research, leadership, and healthcare delivery. I have been honored to lead the educational mission for Graduate Medical Education and continually strive to leverage Geisinger’s strengths in developing programs that create the healthcare teams of tomorrow.”

Michael J Paglia, MD, PhD

People often think of Geisinger as being innovative as a patient-centered healthcare delivery system, however, we are constantly striving to improve and develop GME training programs in unique and innovative ways as well. Pennsylvania offers a relaxed and beautiful setting to return home to at the end of a busy workday while also providing the opportunity to be in a busy city within a matter of hours.”

Megan Rapp, MD

As a fourth-year medical student, I knew I wanted a surgical residency. I thought I wanted a big academic medical center, but then I had a rotation at my dream hospital. I did not see junior residents operating much. I thought I did more as a medical student than some of the second-year residents I observed. What attracted me to Geisinger was the early operative experiences for residents. When I was done with residency, I wanted to be able to hit the ground running with my surgical skills. That’s what I got at Geisinger.”

Keith Boell, DO

One thing that impressed me about Geisinger’s residencies is their focus on didactics. There’s such a strong academic component. When I interviewed elsewhere, residents sometimes told me that learning opportunities like morning report and noon conference were frequently canceled. That doesn’t happen at Geisinger. Here, the teaching culture is robust.”

Dan Dometita, DO

Almost immediately, I was greeted with smiling faces from residents, nurses and faculty alike. Little did I know then that those people would become great colleagues for years to come. Even on a busy ICU rotation, the residents were always willing to take the time to help me learn. It was clear to me that the program selected residents who are not only brilliant but also ‘play well’ with each other.”

J. Scott Greene, MD, FACS

Since coming to Geisinger, I’ve participated in more research than I ever thought possible and working with residents is endlessly intellectually stimulating. It makes for better patient care. I find it very gratifying and rewarding to be a part of training excellent, well-rounded clinicians.”

Thomas Lettich, DO

Attendings make it a point to bring residents into decision-making. They grant you a lot of autonomy, so I had confidence in many, varied situations. Being a med-peds, your input is sought after for cases that they may not have much experience with (i.e. Cystic Fibrosis, ear infections, hypertension, etc.) which makes you feel valued, but, also demands that you really know your stuff.”